WW last night was good, -3.4 lb. for the month.

Had a good night’s sleep last night and woke up early; even made it into the office early.

Tomorrow my running partner and I will run the Peachtree Road Race course out and back for a total of 12 miles. Actually, we’ll probably walk some of the back. She’s already started her training for the KC Marathon and is scheduled for 10 tomorrow. So, maybe we’ll do 6 out, 4 back and walk the last 2.

Had the Hoffman’s fresh blueberries for breakfast this morning over my cereal and WoW! are they ever yummy. Even makes me more determined to get some blueberry bushes of my own.

Sari Beri comes home from camp tomorrow and I know she’ll be glad to get home. We’ll be glad for her to get home! It’s been WAY too quiet around the house and we’re out of chocolate chip cookies!

Got a letter from Jon Morgan yesterday or the day before actually and he says when he get’s home after his graduation from the Marine Boot Camp on August 22, that he wants some of Sari Beri’s world-famous chocolate chip cookies as well đŸ™‚ It was good to hear from him!

Still no response from Facebook :/

A coworker of my bff has a granddaughter [Ashley] that’s five years old and has been battleing a brain tummor since earlyier this year. Her parents keep an online journal to let frineds and family members know what’s going on in Ashley’s life. Amoung other things in today’s post, Ashley’s father writes this: I just really want us to be who God would have us be as we go through this.” WoW! Isn’t that what it’s all about!?! That’s what it’s all about whether we have a daughter battleing cancer or whatever we are going through in life. So good to have that reminder!

“The external substance of a thing never lies in the thing itself, but in the quality of our reaction toward it. If in hard times we are kept from resentment, held in silence and filled with inward sweetness, that is what matters. The event that distressed us will pass from memory as a wind that passes and is gone, but what we were while the wind was blowing upon us has eternal consequences.”


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