What a long weekend!

Starting with the Peachtree Road Race on Friday morning.

MARTA seemed to be much more crowded this year than in previous years, and I have to think that it might have been because of the rising fuel prices. When we got on at the East Point station there weren’t even two seats for me and my bff to sit together. I ended up sitting by some guy that had never run the Peachtree before. He was very talkative and had lots of questions. He reminded me much of my cousin BL [the Blog Stalker 🙂 you know who you are]. He had a lot of his same manerisems, talked like him and looked a lot like him as well, probably about his age too. I had to think if he knew how old I was he probably never would have talked to me– oh then, maybe he would have. Who knows?

Anywho… The train stopped somewhere between Midtown and Lenox because of a problem with the doors– it seemed like an eternity but I’m sure it was only a couple of minutes at best. I recalled a problem MARTA had with one of its trains a couple of years ago that ended up causing a group of runners to totally miss the start of the race. As we neared Lenox, the last couple of stops, there were lots and lot of runners that wanted to get on, but the train was so packed that the doors would open and no one could get on. I felt bad for them. When we got to the Lenox station, I took the escalator up to the street level not realizing that it was so crowded at the top of the escalator that there was no room to get off! It was a REALLY SCARY THING! The escalator was practically dumping people off on top of people and as I looked back down the escalator it was pack full of more people still coming up. I managed to squeeze in and not get trampled– some how. Out on Lenox Road there were a dozen maybe two dozen or so people willing to pay BIG bucks for your PRR bib. It was tempting but I SO wanted to run. Maybe next year I will buy more than one bib and try to make a little $$.

I ended up getting corralled into TG1 even though I was supposed to be in 2, but I didn’t really mind. We got off to a quick start at 7:30 a.m. shortly behind the wheelchair and elite runners. I heard from a friend last night who was in TG9, the last Time Group, they didn’t get started until 9:00 a.m.! I’d always wondered how long it took before that last TG got to start. I was well on my way back home by 9:00. Actually, I think we arrived back at home about 10:00 and that was after a stop off at the grocery store.

My time wasn’t all that good, 1:09:12, but I stopped four times for t-shirts 😮 I KNOW… CRAZY! I don’t think I’m going to do that next year… but then, I think I said that last year too. he he he

The finish line and chip removal, t-shirt pick up and all went very smoothly. AMAZINGLY organized! The Atlanta Track Club and all their volunteers did an awesome job! I hope though that next year, the 40th running of the PRR, we can be back in Piedmont Park. I like that downhill decent down 10th Street to the Charles Allen gate MUCH better. I’m sure everyone will agree. They are drilling wells in Piedmont Park so maybe the finish will move back to there next year.

This year’s t-shirt is GREAT! It’s the one I voted for.

After the race we made a brief appearance at a picnic at church. I forgot my Boca Burger so I had a 1/2 of a beef burger. I seriously can’t remember the last time I ate beef. It was good but I’d rather just had the Boca. Had a HUGE helping of my mom’s UNBELIEVABLY superb and warm banana pudding! I love it warm! Then it was back home for Philip’s birthday celebration.

Not sure what was going on here 🙂

Then the rest of the afternoon and evening we just chilled with family.

Saturday was the first of 4 garage sale work days. We are planning a garage sale for August 2. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a garage sale, as a matter of fact, I think the last one we had was a post-moving sale about 8 years ago.

I told everyone if you haven’t touched it or used it in the last year, it goes…

I can’t stand clutter but we seem to accumulate so much of it.

I’d be happy to have everything I own in a backpack. Actually, I probably shouldn’t even think that, lest it come true and I find out I wouldn’t really be happy 😮 Anywho… it sounds nice. Adventurous– me and my backpack, and everything I own, traveling the world, no itenerary, sleeping in hostels. That was another lifetime…


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