First of all, I should say I did not attend the Cow Appreciation Day. However, I DO greatly appreciate the cows and all they stand for 🙂 They’re outstanding in their fields. HA HA HA HA HA! You knew I had to write that. Anywho… I herd [HA HA HA] that contrary to what I had read and reported earlier, in order to receive a free combo meal coupon you had to be really all decked out as a cow. If you went just somewhat decked out as a cow you might only receive a coupon for a free waffle fry or something of the sort. So, I didn’t find it worth my time.

I was at the AT&T store at about 8:10 a.m. They opened at 8:00. I meant to be there earlier but didn’t get away from the office in time. I don’t really think it would have made much difference though. When I arrived, there were probably about 200 people in line. I don’t think all of those were there to purchase iPhones. Some were just accompanying friends. I don’t know when the line began to form. I did not see anyone with tents, but some did have chairs.

Apple/AT&T require you to actually have a physical body there to purchase an iPhone. In other words, I could not purchase one for me and by bff unless he was actually there with me. This keeps people from purchasing a dozen or so and reselling them for a high profit somewhere like eBay. So, there were people there with small children and YES, even babies purchasing phones not only for themselves but also for their 6 month old. Also, different with this purchase from my first iPhone purchase Apple/AT&T required you to activate the phone in-store. This too keeps people from purchasing phones they only intend to sell for a profit. This really held the line up! And about 10:00 a.m. iTunes was so slow with all these activations, I can’t imagine how many there were all over the world, that Apple decided it would be ok for the AT&T personnel to partially activate the phones and the customer could complete the activation on their own time via iTunes at home, or wherever. That helped the line move along somewhat quicker.

This is what the line looked like when I arrived at 8:10. I ended up being in the last group of 9 people they let in the store to purchase an iPhone before they ran out about 11:15. So, all in all, I waited about 3 hours. Not too bad. And, I got just what I went for, a white 16 GB. They ran out of the 8 GB first, then the black 16 GB.

I didn’t realize that, from the time of the partial in-store activation to the time I was able to get home and complete the process, I would be phoneless. A really odd feeling. But it worked out ok. I had a few voice mails and text messages when I finally got it activated, but nothing urgent or pressing.

The completion of the activation at home went well. I was somewhat concerned that the process might not go smoothly if iTunes was being bombarded with activations. However, my old iPhone was not backing up properly. I knew this. And everything is reset to last March. So, not everything is all as it should be, but it’s fixable. The calendar is somewhat of a mess and I’m not sure why. All of my appointment are 1 hour off and some holidays are repeated three or four times– that’s kind of frustrating. But again, it’s all fixable.

I’ve been purusing some of the applications on iTunes and have downloaded a few of the free ones.

I’m watching iPhones like my old one on eBay that are going for around $400. That’s what I paid for it new. I can’t really understand why anyone would pay that much for an old one when they could get a new one for much less. But I guess I’ll list my old one and see what I can get for it. It looks like I might actually come out ahead on this one. AMAZING!


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