I read today somebody called Starbucks “America’s favorite drug dealer”. Now THAT’S funny!

Today is Vivanno launch day at Starbucks– their stab at the smoothie, healthy, all-natural, protein drink kind of crowd. I think I’ll have to try one. No, I KNOW I’ll have to try one. They are high in fiber and protein and only 4 points each and that’s with 2% milk. So, if you have it with fat-free milk, like I would, it will be even less points. + the protein would be GREAT after a long run. Yeah, I’ll be trying one!

The iPhone on eBay is at $212.50 with 35 watchers and 6 bidders, 1d, 8h, 15m to go! Whoo Hoo!!! Another $120.00 or so and I’ll be REAL happy!

So, I went to vote this afternoon, like a good citizen should, and I discovered I can no longer read the preliminary voter’s card they give you to complete before casting your ballot 😦

I held it out as far from my pitiful eyes that I could, but that still was not enough. The kind lady behind the table made it sound like it was because the writing was so small but I know, it’s not that at all. It’s simply that I’m getting old and my eyes are going.

My eyes have always been bad. I remember going to downtown Atlanta in a big tall building to get my first pair of glasses when I was in the first grade. Back then they didn’t have all these eye glasses places all over. But it used to be that I just couldn’t see far away, and that was ok, I could deal with that. NOW, I STILL can’t see far away and I can’t see close up either! Somewhere in between is sort of fine but even that is not great. My eye doctor wants me to get bifocals but my eyesight is too bad for the no-line bifocals and I’m not even going there with the lined ones! Not yet at least. Maybe when they call me grandma…


1 Response to “7.15.08”

  1. 1 Sally July 16, 2008 at 2:48 pm

    yes, me too. I got my first pair of glass at Eye doctors office that was in Rich’s downtown.

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