So yesterday, I take Sari Beri to the doctor for her annual sports physical. Remember, I said “annual”.

It’s always very frustrating for me the amount of paperwork they require you to complete at each visit. I’ve even had visits less than 3 months apart and they still require you to complete all of this repetitive, unless, unnecessary paperwork. It really bugs me! Can you tell? Fortunately, they’ve always caught me on a “good” day and I haven’t complained too much — just a little 🙂 However, should they ever catch me on a “bad” day– WATCH OUT! It’s NOT going to be pretty! Just for an example of the stupidity of all of this paperwork, they ask you what the child’s mother’s and father’s names are and their social security numbers… Now, all of that has been the same for 17 years now– and it’s NOT going to change! I’ve probably had to write that on forms at least two dozen times in the last 17 years. WHAT A WASTE OF TIME! Ok, enough ranting about that…

So we get back into the examination room [keep in mind I said this was an annual appointment] and they tell me Sari needs five injections! FIVE! We were just here last year and all of a sudden they want to give her five injections in one visit?!? Now I know she’s going to FREAK [she’s out of the room when the nurse tells me that]. I can’t imagine giving a kid five injections at once. Of course, to the nurse it’s no big deal, she gives injections all day long. But, I know to Sari even one is going to be a REALLY BIG DEAL! I’ve seen her pass out after just one– TWICE! So, I’m contemplating the situation. I’m wishing her dad had brought her. I’m thinking, “Can I please go home now?” I’m sure Sari is going to be thinking the same. The nurse tells me that one of the injections is Hep A and we’ve got to come back in six months and get the other half of that. So, I say well… since we’ve got to come back in six months, let’s just get two injections today and we’ll get the others when we come back in six months. Maybe the Lord will come before then– we can only hope! I mean it’s really crazy anyhow… one of the injections is technis and she just had a technis vaccine three years ago. If I unserstand correctly, you are suppose to get a technis booster every 10 years but now they’ve combined it with pertussis [whooping cough] so it’s new and different and since the one she had three years ago didn’t contain the pertussis she has to have another one now… Sounds suspicious to me. I don’t know what’s up with that.

So anywho… that’s what we did. We got two yesterday and we’ll go back in six months and get the others. I think I’ll let her dad take her 😮


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