So here we are sitting at the yard sale this morning watching my running partner’s CPA and my bff struggling to get a deer stand up in a tree. No, we’re not hunting, just selling the deer stand – HOPEFULLY! Hopefully we sell it and don’t have to put it back up in the top of the garage 😦

We’ve already had 1 person stop by, but she must have been looking for something real specific that we didn’t have. She looked around and then she was gone.

Yesterday, early a.m., my running partner and I ran a 6-mile loop through the city. It was so refreshing and nice to get out on the open road. Then, yesterday afternoon, in the heat-of-the-day, we went for a 3-mile walk. In between the run and walk it was off to get a pedicure after some pretty hefty grocery shopping and a stop at, YOU GUESSED IT, Starbucks. We spent the afternoon making a peanut butter pie and priceing yard sale stuff. In the late afternoon all hands were on board, my bff, 3 of our children, my running partner’s CPA and my parents, to help move everything out of my office. Then we had a nice family dinner [- the prodigal 😦 ] of grilled salmon, baked potato, salad, bread and the YUMMY peanut butter pie– an Alton Brown recipe but WE didn’t make our own peanut butter like Alton. We didn’t even make our own crust… he he he he he he. Anywho… it was YUMMY! and yes, I had a piece πŸ™‚

Customer #2– just looking for golf stuff. Won’t find any of that here.

Ok, this is really goofy. I price all 5 pieces of the Hallmark Collection [the furniture that was in my office] individually BUT I was telling people that I would take $200.00 for all five pieces. Well… the individual prices only added up to $190.00… he he he he… and somebody pointed that out to my embarrassment. I’ve never been very good with math. Guess that’s where Sari Beri gets it.

Dad is talking Spanish with the Mexican yard salers… he he he he… GO DAD! That Spanish is like 30 years old!

Well, I think the jeans are going to be the hit of the day. There’s a story there…

All the Chick-fil-A First 100 GONE!

All the tables are gone, but we have to deliver.

All of the Hallmark Collection is gone. The Craftsman riding lawnmower – gone. All of my bff’s jeans – gone.

We’re about to wrap things up here. Earlier in the day my running partner said something about my bff taking us out for ice cream becuase we’ve done so well. Now, the consinsus is that he should take us all to the Melting Pot… he he he…


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