08.08.08: You know I just HAD to write it that way.

Happy Anniversary to my friend Michelle 🙂

This working at home is going to require more of my time management skills than working in the office did! You see, if you didn’t know already [or suspect], I’m a little obsessive. Take for instance when I’m on the treadmill, at mile 2, and I see a picture on the wall that’s, let’s say, a little crooked… I have to get off the mill and straighten the picture or I will simply go nuts! You get the picture… [no pun intended] So, I’m sitting there working away and I see a baseboard that needs cleaning. Before you know it, I’m cleaning all the baseboards in the house… I may actualy have to go somewhere else and work, or see a shrink. Maybe medication is in order? Who knows…

Today I’m going to see my friend Sam, he finally offered me FREE coffee– I’m on my way Sam. We’re going to talk “coffee shoppe talk”. Should be interesting.

I have a long and growing “Honey Do” list for myself that starts with window cleaning and ends somewhere around new granit countertops, stainless appliances and a glass tile back splash for the kitchen. I’m certain the end thereof will never happen– not in this house.

Looks like I will be treadmill shopping or at least comparing options and prices to figure whether ours is worth enough to be fixed. It’s gotten a horrible attitude lately and just when you get up to speed on the thing it slows to a crawl… then all of a sudden you’re up to speed again– quite frustrating and somewhat dangerous as well.

This morning I went to the car wash and I know everything is going up and up and up in price but this is totally ridiculous! The price has DOUBLED from what I usually pay! Now, I haven’t been to the car wash in a couple of months maybe– my car is garage kept and the silver color doesn’t really show dirt, so it hasn’t been necessary. + the last time I went they like helped themselves to a handfull of change from the cup holder– that’s my Mini Cooper fund. I said I wouldn’t go back there but they usually do a pretty good job and it’s pretty much the only place I’ve taken vehicles in recent history for a full wash, so I went back. Frist I removed all the change in the cup holder.  Actually, I left a dime in the cup holder just to see if it would still be there after they were done, and it was. Anywho… the price has doubled! Now I can see that they are “under new management”– Koreans I think, and they’ve made some capital improvements– a fancy new sign, a BIG screen TV in the waiting area, some nice awnings for the workers, etc., etc., etc. But as far as washing the car… it all looks the same to me. So, I guess I’m helping pay for the TV, new sign and the comfort of the workers 😦 not really “getting” anything more for my $$, except I was able to watch part of Divorce Court on a nice TV while I waited– OH BOY! They did do an excellent job, but the price literally doubled in just a couple of months. WoW!

Then I went and talked to my friend Sam for an hour or so– coffee shoppe talk 🙂 He made me a Carmel Macchiato– the first I’ve ever had and it was DELISH!!! 4 points for a Tall. YUM-O! I know, hard to believe I’ve never had one. Anywho… he sent me home with some ground coffee and pastry samples, a food service equipment and supply catalog, and a head full of WILD IDEAS– this cannot be good, or is it?

This afternoon I’m “working from home”, and probably well into the evening and all day tomorrow as well. I AM NOT looking at the baseboards 😮


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