8.18.08: Post #1000!

BTW, this is post #1000 for my Blah, Blah, Blog! I feel a party is in order 🙂

So, now here I sit in the Starbucks office working away [waiting for some web updates to upload]. It’s freezing in here. You just never can tell if it’s going to be cold or hot.

I’m going to the eye doctor when they open– there’s something wrong with one of my eyes 😦 When I got up Saturday morning, like SUPER early to go for a long run and put my contacts in, I noticed it felt like there was something in my eye. Sometimes it’s like that when you put your contacts in first thing in the morning before you are really awake. However, usually it clears up and your contacts settle in and everything is ok. Saturday was the exception. It was very uncomfortable for the entire 10-mile run and I took them out as soon as I got back home and haven’t worn them since. I thought it might be a problem [a rip or something] with my contact but yesterday and still today it feels like I have something in my eye and I don’t even have my contacts in so I doubt it’s a contact problem. This morning my eye was all crusty, it’s watering and I have a headache and it looks like it could possibly be PINK EYE. YIKES!

I’m going to stop by the AT&T store on my way back home to get a car charger for the iPhone. The battery in this new iPhone just can’t keep up and we have a road trip on Friday so I’ll probably need the car charger.

Then a stop at Publix is also in order and there is STILL much work to do. I worked 32+ hours last week for client #1. At this rate, by December I will have reached my limit. Should be interesting to see what happens then.

Tomorrow morning I have an interview at 10:00 at Starbucks 🙂 Got to support my addiction…

Right now I’m working away, and I think I’m about to witness another Sbucks interview. If so, this could be good. I’ll be prepared for tomorrow.

The eye doctor checked my eye for any scratches and fortunately didn’t find any. He checked my contacts and said they needed replacing but were fine for now– nothing wrong with them. He said he saw something in my eye but couldn’t EYEdentify it… he he he he. He flushed my eye twice and put some antibiotic in it. I think there’s someting still in it though 😦

A 1-mile walk through the city tonight followed by 3 miles on the mill which was much more cooporative than the last time I attempted a run on it. GOOD JOB!


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