This morning at 10:00 I go for an interview at Starbucks and I’m wondering what to wear. The consensus around here is something coffeeish, brown and black I guess. But it’s summer and brown and black don’t seem to be color choices one picks in the summer. Maybe khaki and black. Yes, I think it will be khaki and black.

You know how I like the changing of the Google logo on special occasions and holidays. Well, these Olympic days have been GRAND for Google logo watching and today is especially GREAT!

Doesn’t it look exactly like Michael Phelps? I mean, can’t you see the resemblance?!? I have all [so far] of the Google Olympic logos in an album on Facebook. You can view them here even if you don’t have a FB account.

Ryan Hall [pictured above] is unquestionably outspoken about his faith in God. He will be running the Men’s 2008 Olympic Marathon on Saturday night. Catch the coverage on NBC starting at 7:30.

The Starbucks interview went very, very well. I totally expected it to end in, “I’ll give you a call…” That’s what I overheard her say to another perspective Barista yesterday. However, it ended in “Can you start tomorrow?” Well… that wasn’t really the “end” of the conversation/interview but it was towards the end. I really like the store manager. We seemed to hit it off real well and I think I am going to really enjoy working for her. I’m certainly not “too pretty” to work there and she doesn’t seem to have a problem carrying on a normal conversation with me :/

After the interview I went shopping for uniform stuff. The dresscode: black or khaki pants or shorts [to the knee], a black or white polo shirt and non-skid shoes with black or white socks. I’m hoping my Crocs will work for non-skid shoes. If not, I’ll have to buy some others and they are not cheep! I found most everything I needed at the Sock Shoppe 🙂 Starbucks provides the hat and apron. Nice of them!

So now I’m back home working away. Tonight Sari has her first “official” vball game of the season. Looking forward to that 🙂


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