So, yesterday was like the longest day ever. I opened at 4:45. That means the alarm goes off at 4:00, which really isn’t too too bad considering I can be showered, makeuped, dry all this hair, make a breakfast, and be out the door by 4:30. I’m fast, really, really fast! As soon as my stint at Sbux was over [I really can’t call it “work” at this point], it was off to get a quick pedicure– Sbux in hand of course, and then home to get ready for the evening. “The evening” was a dinner with friends at a place we’d never been– California Dreaming, a couple of Sbux runs and a very good vball game. We got back home a little after 10:00 only to spend the next 45 minutes or so fighting an onslaught of ants that had taken over the mud room in our absence. No uncles… just ants.

Today, Sari Beri and I enjoyed a nice, leisurely breakfast at Sbux before she had to go to school. [We’re trying to do this once a week.]  Then, for me it was home again to do some work and then off to Sbux until the afternoon which consisted of a quick run to the grocery store, home to unload [thanks Thomas & Jon], off to school to pick up Sari, back home, to a violin lesson, and then back home for the last time today– I hope. After dinner my bff and I took our 2-mile loop through the city. The weather looked grand when we started out but before we got back the bottom dropped out and we arrived back at the house completely soaked, but it was fun 🙂

So, what have I been doing at Sbux the last couple of days? Well yesterday I spend the majority of the 8-hour shift working on the cold drink side– Vivannos, Frappacchinos, iced coffees, teas, etc., etc., etc. It’s the messiest side of the business so far! At one point I had chocolate whipping cream all up my arm :/ I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. I seem to have a great deal of difficulty pouring the Frappacchinos out of the blender into the cups which sometimes results in a GRAND mess! Maybe I’m making them too thick. Yesterday afternoon I started on a computer module that trains you to use the registers [the POS or Point of Sale system]. It was quite difficult, time consuming and frustrating because sometimes even though I could confirm that I was giving the correct answer, the system still told me I was wrong. The other employees had all been through the same experience– I don’t know why someone doesn’t fix that! I grew so tired of hearing, “Sorry, that answer is incorrect. Please try again.” That I thought I might hear it in my sleep last night.

Today I worked primarily on the POS [Point of Sale] system and it went quite well. While customers could surely tell that I was a “newbie” they were all quite patient as I was guided through this cumbersome learning experience. The POS system is actually quite intuitive and pretty much easy to use. Someone has put quite a bit of thought into the process of laying things out so that they fall into a logical order on the many screens you have to deal with.

The most surprising thing is like when someone orders a complicated drink like, lets say… my old favorite: a Venti, decaf, quad, non-fat, latte. You ring up a Venti latte and because a Venti latte comes with 2 shots of espresso then you only have to ring in 2 more shot making it a quad. You do not ring in decaf or non-fat because those do not cost anything. They are simply ways of “modifying” the drink. However, you do have to mark all of that on the cup so that the barista knows the details of the drink inorder to make it correctly.

I thoroughly, THOROUGHLY enjoyed standing at the register today and saying over and over again, “Hi, welcome to Starbucks. What can I get started for you today?” And I’m sure, if I could in any means enjoy it today, I will SO MUCH MORE enjoy it when I know what in the world I’m doing!!!


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