Today was “Drive Thru” day :-[ Actually, I only ended up working the drive thru the last 45 minutes of my 4-hour shift. But that was enough!!! It’s CRAZY! I’ve long thought of myself as a multi-tasker, but working the drive thru at Starbucks pushes multi-tasking to it’s absolute limits. It may take a while to get a grip on this.

I tasted one of the new “healthy” breakfast items today– an Apple Bran Muffin. SUPER, SUPER YUMMY and only 6 points.

LOL: A customer came into the store today [actually, lots of customers came into the store today…] and while they were being served, they asked if I was out of school. I guess I must of looked puzzled at their grand misinterpretation of my age, and just responded, “Yes, I’m out of school.” Then, they said, “No, I mean out of college.” to which I replied, “Yes, I’m out of college.” How ODD! But it made my day.

Then, I got a TM from my bff that said BIGGER Tom was leaving to go back to college. I thought he was leaving tomorrow :/ I text him and said he’d better come by and say goodbye to me before he left and he did. I suppose if my bff hadn’t just happened to take the day off and just happened to be home, BIGGER Tom might have left for college without as much as a goodbye for any of us :/ As it is, Sari Beri didn’t get a goodbye at all. So sad. He says he’ll be back at Thanksgiving, but I suspect he will be home for a weekend before then. I suspect we see him the last weekend of October when his bf comes home from training. BOYS!

BTW, when BIGGER Tom saw me in my green apron and black hat, he said I look just like one of the young girls 🙂 he he he he…

I got my first paycheck today from Starbucks 🙂

The Bloodmobile was there today– a promotion we do once a year. The posters and fliers said that if you donated blood you got a free tshirt and coffee. I don’t know where the tshirt came in but evidently the people in the bloodmobile were telling doners that we were giving out free tshirts and we were telling doners that they were giving out free tshirts. Nobody had any free tshirts :/ somebody messed up.

Evidently this week the weekly delivery changed from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Space to store items is greatly limited so that you basically order just what you’ll need for the upcoming week. I guess no one took into consideration when they ordered for last week that it needed to last a week and a half since this week’s order would not come until Saturday. So, this morning they ran out of lids for the Grande and Venti hot cups. They were handing out Grande and Venti drinks in two Tall cups with lids. All this happened before I got there. I think there was at least one customer that was upset about this– probably more. Then we ran out of the protein powder for the Vivannos. YIKES!

I realized this week that I haven’t really challenged myself to learn anything new in about 10 years :/

Tomorrow I go to the PTC Starbucks for a 4 1/2 hour training class– The Starbucks Experience.


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