Oh, and another thing about Drive Thru: I don’t know if it’s like this other Starbucks. or in most fast food restaurants, but I suspect that it is– that person that greets you with, “Hi, welcome to… [wherever]…” when you drive up to the menu board, they are not necessarily waiting for you at the drive thru window to drive around and pickup your order. I never knew that. I just thought that person was planted there at the drive thru window. However, that person could very well be in the back on the computer, they could be restocking, washing dishes, in the safe making change, putting toilet paper in the restrooms… they could be doing most anything. See what I mean about multi-tasking!?!

OK, off to a 4 1/2 training class… I hope they have free coffee! Surely, you’d think, right?

So, I’m back home after the training class. It didn’t last as long as they said it would. I guess they just allow that much time incase the class is rather larger. Ours was small, only 5 of us– me and another Barista from my store, 2 Baristas from the Lovejoy store and 1 from the PTC store. The class was held at the Peachtree City Starbucks– the one that used to be a Fudruckers. If you haven’t been there you should go– it is HUGE!!! Storage is certainly no problem at that store! They have 2 conference rooms and several “cushy” seating arrangements.

We’re not in the coffee business serving people;
We’re in the people business serving coffee.

That’s the focus of everything at Starbucks. They really push the “customer connection” thing– that’s essencially what it all about. Oh yeah, and we serve the highest quality coffees known to man- Arabica.

I am continually gaining more and more confidence that I have made the right move joining the Starbucks team. One thing I really like is the ever-changing, ever-evolving menu. Not just new coffees and teas but take for instance then new health breakfast menu that will debut next Wednesday. I’m on level playing ground when it comes to these new choices. It’s new to everyone that works at Starbucks– doesn’t matter if you’ve been there 8 days, 8 months or 8 years. It’s totally new and we are all on the same level playing ground when it comes to that. I can choose to read up on it and be knowledgeable or I can just sit around and be a non-participant. I choose to be informed so that I can inform my customers and turn them on to the new selections. I know many of them are health conscious and are really going to be pleased with the new, healthy alternatives!


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