OK, time for some funny stories…

The last 2 days I’ve worked the drive thru at Starbucks for about 8 hours a day mostly morning and some early afternoon, and I have 4 funny stories to tell.

The first and second are sort of 2 in the same, they happened on Monday. Basically, what happened was that Monday morning I had 2 customers, probably within 30 minutes of each other, [that’s one thing that makes it so funny] that drove off without their drinks. The came, they ordered, they paid, then they just drove off. These people are REALLY in a hurry!!! I don’t even KNOW if they NEEDED caffeine!

The second story happened today. This guy comes to the drive thru, I open the window to greet him, confirm his drink order and take his money. As soon as I open the window this HUGE, and I mean HUGE, spider drops down on a web right in the middle of the window about nose high to me– right there between me and the guy at the window. The BIG spider proceeded to climb back up his web to the top of the window and though I looked for him every time I opened the window for the rest of the day [or at least it seemed so] I never saw him again. However, it so FREAKED me out that I took the guy’s $20 and totally forgot to give him any change. I gave him his drink and then laughing at me he reminded me that I hadn’t give him his change. He could tell the spider scared me bad. Well, opening the register drawer that I had already closed by this time is an ordeal in itself. Needless to say– that was a memorable Starbucks experience for him. Not necessarily good, but memorable.

My third and final funny story for the day came when a certain pastor of a nearby church came through the dirve thru– he comes through every morning. The register randomly picks customers to participate in an online survey and if they participate they are entered into a contest to possibly win $1000. So when this happens the person at the register is prompted to tell the customer this when handing them their receipt. So, I tell him he’s been selected to participate in an online survey and if he participates he will be entered into a contest to possibly win $1000. to which he replies something to the effect of, “I could use $1000.” to which I was oh so tempted to say [but refrained], “It Pays to Serve God.” ha ha ha ha ha, it would have been SO funny to see the look on his face!

I got mugged today! Seriously, I got the M.U.G. Award at Starbucks. The M.U.G. Award helps partners recognize co-workers for “Moves of Uncommon Greatness” It’s a way of saying “Thanks for helping me out, I couldn’t have done it without you!” And the guy who gave it to me wrote on the card, “You’re a fast learner and you’re doing an excellent job! You fit right in!” [Well, I’m not so sure the “fitting right in” part is a real good thing– especially with some of the people I work with] The award though is actually a pin you get to wear on your hat or apron. Most people wear them on their hats, because that’s the easy thing to do, but I choose to wear them on my apron. I think that looks a little more professional.

I actually feel like I am doing very, very well! Oh there is still LOTS to learn, I learn more every day. But I’m really shocked at how quickly it seems I’ve caught on. The store manager says I should get my Barista certification next week 🙂

Tomorrow morning Sari Beri and I are going to breakfast, at Starbucks of course. I look forward to our weekly breakfast outtings. On Saturday morning I’m going to run 2 laps around the Rock with my running partner. I look forward to our monthly runs at the Rock.

Oh yeah… and today [funny story #5, I guess] a lady came through the drive thru and she still had on her PJs and a big pink fluffy bath robe… I guess if you’ve got to have it, you’ve got to have it. Maybe she just couldn’t wait to get dressed… maybe should couldn’t get dressed without it. I’m hoping she wasn’t late for an appointment or work!


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