Today, I met my running partner at the Rock after she had already run 10 and I ran another 10 with her. I was tempted, towards the end of my 10, to do 15 which would have been 25 for her. I was feeling pretty good, but right now I’m glad I stuck to just 10– WHEW! I am SO out of shape! I’ve got to get back on the mill. I have a 15K coming up in just 5 weeks and the 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving Day.

I’ve read articles before in running magazines and online about how difficult running is for people who stand on their feet all day. I’m starting to feel some of that. My legs get sore from just standing there– how’s that happen?!? My foot has started hurting again. I’m SURE I’ll be in the boot tonight! And I’ve got to get back on a regular schedule of stretching every day and icing after long runs– and maybe even icing after 8 hours on my feet. I can’t let this get the better of me!

I did go ahead and purchase a pair of the Asics 2130 in black that Dr. Julien suggested. They came in the mail yesterday so I will wear them to work on Monday with my SuperFeet inserts and hopefully that will help some.

I’ve been thinking about starting a running group from the Starbucks on the first Saturday of each month but haven’t quite decided where to start with it. There are 2 girls there that run already and I’m sure customers that run– I just don’t know them yet. I guess the first thing would be to map out a route– a 3 or 5 mile route to begin with. If it goes over well we could always add longer runs later. I think I’ll see if we can get free Vivannos for the runners that participate.

This morning after our run we made a stop at the Lake Lucerne Starbucks and sat there for a while looking out over the lake– it was very nice 🙂 I think I could have sat there all day! I had a Caramel Macchiato with protein and one of the new whole grain Apple Bran muffins. It will be nice to be able to take advantage of the FREE whey protein during my marathon training this winter. That stuff is normally pretty expensive. Another + to working at SBUX.

For the first time I can see how someone could say, “I LOVE my work!”


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