Well, the Arabian Mocha Sanani is out of stock so having completed all of the Africa/Arabia coffees in my passport I moved on to the Asia/Pacific and had a coffee tasting this a.m. with Sulawesi [Sula Way See]. I really like this coffee and think it’s probably my favorite so far. It’s a full bodied BOLD coffee grow on Indonesia’s largest island and is considered Indonesia’s most elegant coffee. Sulawesi has an earthy aroma with a complex flavor and herbal notes. I like the way it moves in the cup.

Now I have only the blends to taste to complete my coffee passport– 6 of them to be exact:

  • Cafe Estima
  • Serena Organic
  • Yukon
  • Gold Coast
  • Italian Roast
  • French Roast

Will do 2 on Thursday, 2 Friday and 2 Saturday– assuming they are all in stock.

This a.m. I set up a “breakfast table” in the cafe complete with a fall table cloth, real dishes, coffee cups and saucers, a French press with coffee, bagel and butter, banana and the guest of honor– our Perfect Oatmeal along with the available mix-ins: brown sugar, nuts and dried fruit. It was a work of art! Wish I had taken a pic. We had several customers comment on the inviting appeal of the table setting. Makes you just want to sit down and have breakfast all over again. Maybe I’ll take a pic tomorrow. Sari Beri and I will be there for our weekly breakfast outing šŸ™‚

Customer Recovery: Customer recovery is a BIG deal at Starbucks! If for ANY reason a customer is not enthusiastically happy, you go into “Recovery” mode. Today, one of my customers ordered a Tall coffee, another drink and a pastry. He wanted to pay for the items with his Starbucks card, but knew he didn’t have enough money on the card to pay for it all. So, he also wanted to re-load the card, and do this all with a $20 bill. The card was a registered Starbucks card so the customer would receive a .40 discount on the second drink he ordered [the cost of the syrup in that drink]. Of course I didn’t know all this until after I had rang the order. Had I know all of the circumstances up front, I would have first put the $20 on the Starbucks card and then in a separate transaction rang the order and paid for it using the registered card. As is turned out, I rang the order then he gives me his card telling me there’s not enough money on the card and a $20 bill and wants to pay for the order and re-load the card and this is where it gets very confusing. I was going to just start over and do it right, however, another Barista steeped in and she ended up completing the transaction in an odd way that prevented the customer from receiving his .40 discount for the syrup. He was not happy and made some complaint which she ignored– after all, it’s just .40, right? NO! It’s an unhappy customer. It’s not at all about the .40. SO, instead of giving him a Tall coffee, which he paid for, I promptly turned around, poured him a Venti coffee, and apologized with a smile asking him if he’d like to have the Venti coffee instead since he didn’t receive his .40 discount. He was enthusiastically happy šŸ™‚ That’s Customer Recovery as I understand it. Whatever it takes to make sure the customer leave with a smile on their face.


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