Sari Beri and I went on our weekly breakfast outing to Starbucks this a.m. I shot a pic of the “breakfast table” I set up yesterday morning. Not nearly as impressive in the photo as in real life. Well, it’s actually not all that impressive in real life either. Oh well…

Sari Beri drove to Starbucks and from there to school and did pretty well. Much better than last week– we avoided all potholes today 🙂

I’m working at home today and it is oh so nice! The weather is cooling off, Fall must be just around the corner. I’m actually sitting in the sunroom with all the windows open sipping the last of my Gazebo [from breakfast in my insulated stainless Starbucks mug] and thoroughly delighted with the cooler temps outside. Without a doubt, this IS the life! Fall is my favorite time of the year followed by my second favorite time of the year — Christmas. I love all of the wonderful colors, flavors and smells of Fall– pumpkins, gourds, turning leaves, cinnamon and nutmeg just to name a few.

This is what breakfast at Starbucks looks like for me & Sari Beri.

I keep telling her that a Java Chip Frappacchino does not compliment a blueberry muffin but you just can’t tell teenagers anything these days :-/ As you can see, my Apple Bran muffin is long gone…

This is the cacti that BIGGER Tom brought me back from a missions trip out west several years ago– he wasn’t BIGGER Tom then, just Thomas. I’m so proud of myself for keeping it alive all this time! I’m horrible with houseplants. Ok… so you can’t really tell if they are alive or not, they may have just died and dried that way. And yes, I have replace a couple of them that died with plants from Wally World… Oh well, I’m doing the best I can here :-/ Anyway, it cost him A LOT of $$ and he’s so tight with his $$, and it was difficult to carry back on the plane I’m sure. That’s why it really means a lot to me and I think about that every time I look at it. It makes me smile 🙂 That’s also the trip that he lost his airplane ticket in the airport on the trip home 😮 and he amused the gate attendents with his ever-so-real looking fake snake– so I hear…


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