Went to Starbucks for breakfast this morning with Sari Beri and discussed some of life’s most perplexing questions, like what to do Thursday for girl’s day out ;-o

The traffic was very heavy for some reason. We were about 10 minutes late leaving home. Maybe that 10 minutes makes that much of a difference? She drove and did very well. She just needs practice. She practiced pitting inside her box a few times when we got to school. Makes you real thankful for those slanted parking spaces when you are learning to drive!

Breakfast for me was an Apple Bran Muffin and a Tall black Anniversary Blend, for Sari Beri a Cranberry Orange Muffin and a Mocha Frappuccino with chocolate whip– SO does not go together!

Got my markout for the week: a pound of Gold Coast beans. I can see that I’m going to have to purchase an espresso machine for home, and a digital scale, a couple of shot glasses and a stainless frothing container :-/ I used to own all these things [well, not the shot glasses] until I ditched the caffeine habit some years back. I got rid of them then. Now, I’m heading back down that road. I’m good on days that I work– I get the caffeine at work. But on Sundays and off days, I’m so out of it without the caffeine– already, and it’s only been a month 😮

Yesterday was the last “official” day of Summer. Fall begins this morning at exactly 11:44 a.m. We should have a party to welcome fall 🙂 A “Welcome Fall” party! I probably should have had the Pumpkin Loaf this morning instead of the Apple Bran Muffin in celebration of Fall’s arrival… and maybe a Pumpkin Spice Latte… maybe that’s too much of a good thing.

So, I finished my Coffee Passport on Saturday– it’s due today. And on Wednesday I will begin working on my Tea Passport which I am like really, really excited about because I’ve never really been a “Tea” kind of person and I really don’t know that much about teas.

Well, today I got a Top Pot Passport 😮 Top Pot is the brand of donuts we sell at Starbucks. Our store only sells the Old Fashioned Glazed, Old Fashioned Chocolate and their Apple Fritter, which is a BIG seller! I’m not even going there!!! Don’t think I’ll touch this passport. I’ll just stick to the Coffee and Tea Passports! OK… so maybe it’s job-related. Maybe I’ll have to 😮 tough life!

I think I’ve just about given up on ever seeing the 120s again 😦 Maybe I’m just in a slump this week, but I’ve been at this for now 22 weeks– this is day 4 of week 22, and I just can’t seem to break that 120s barrier. Maybe I should just readjust my goals to say 130s? I have lost 10 lbs. Maybe that’s all I can hope for at this point. They say it’s more difficult when you get older. Maybe I should be happy with 130 something… I’ll weigh in for the month at WW on Thursday night and I really doubt I’ve lost anything this month. Who knows… i might have even gained 😮 It just really hasn’t been a very good month and the last week or so I’ve been very unmotivated.


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