On August 28 I purchased some Starbucks pins on eBay. Not noticing this statement in the ad: “I can only drop a load of packages at the post office once every 1-2 weeks.” I contacted the seller about a week after I had made payment to see when I might expect delivery of the items.

September 5:

Q: Can you tell me when this set of buttons and the other set I won were shipped?

A: Please observe the item description about shipping. I alos repeated this when i confirmed your payment. Thanks again. I will go when i can asap. Thanks

11 days later, still no buttons, so I contact the seller again.

September 16:

Q: Can you tell me if these and the other buttons I purchased from you have been shipped? I read you ad about shipping every 1-2 weeks. These were paid for 2 weeks ago yesterday. So I’m wondering if they have been shipped yet and when I can expect delivery. Thanks.

A: I just got back in town today and opened your email. I will be taking a load of packages to the post office like i said i would. Please be patient like you agreed to be, when you bid on the terms i had listed. The more time i spend answering emails and repeating myself, the more time it will take for me to get to your package. Will you please wait. I’m doing the best i can, you were reminded of the terms when i confirmed your payment, now you create stress and frustrate the transaction. Are you preparing a less than 5 star critique for me also? Why can’t you wait like you agreed to? It was your choice, now are you going to hold it aginst me?

So, I wait 5 more days, still no buttons. I contact the seller once more.

September 21:

Q: It has now been 3 1/2 weeks since payment was made for these items. I understand that you ship only every 1-2 weeks. However, even if you had shipped 2 weeks after payment was made, that would have been 1 1/2 weeks ago, and it should only take a couple of days to reach me. Which means I should have received these at least 1 week ago, but still I have not. Have they indeed been shipped? If so, please advise as to what day they were shipped and when I should expect delivery. If they have not been shipped, please provide me with a date when I could expect shipment. Thank you.

A: Hi. I thought i answered you already and told you that i had got back in town right at the 2 week mark and was taking a load of packages to the post office including yours. I did that and it is currently in route to you now. Please, can’t you wait for it to get there. there is no need for alarm and being pushy. You probably know that paypal gives buyers 45 days to file a dispute. People on ebay nowadays are way to harsh and uptight, i wish people would relax a little, and give a break to a seller that has been at it a long time, and is just a little behind once. Please do not make this difficult, i will make sure you get your item. i need your kindness & patience right now, ebayers have been mean to me lately. Okay? Thank you very much

So, I guess this package has been in route to be for a 1 1/2 weeks?!? I don’t think so. Evidently this seller has a lot of emails from people like me wondering where in the world their packages are. Honestly, I think the seller needs therapy!

I’ll let you know if and when I ever receive these :-/

Finally, this afternoon I received my buttons. Some 25 days after payment was made. And though I paid $45.0 for s/h they came in a little white envelope and the shipping only cost $1.34. Ahhhh… the perils of eBaying…

UPDATE: So, this is the feedback I left for the seller, “4.50 I paid for s/h, 1.34 and a little white envelope it cost you… hummmmmm…” and “Finally, I recived my buttons 25 days after I paid for them. Whew!” And this was his or her quick response, “You know why you paid $4.50 s/h? Because you didn’t even give me a chance to send an invoice with adjusted s/h. Instead you paid the ebay automated invoice, and now you have to be a smart eleck & try to make me look bad because of it. and so what if it took some time to get your items, you were told upfront that if you were in a hurry, to go elsewhere. It was written in the english language. Uptight people like you make ebay an unpleasant experience.” and “…and furthermore shipping costs include gasoline, tape, labels, bubble wrapping, wear & tear on my car, insurance for my car, etc etc, but obviously you can’t see past yourself too recognize any of that” I think they seriously need therapy! And I let them know that too.

OH, and BTW, the envelope was postmarked 22 days after payment was made. In my book that’s a little over 3 weeks, not 1-2 weeks.


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