GREAT 10-mile run with my running partner at the Rock early a.m. She completed 10 miles before I arrived and ran another 10 with me. She will be running the Kansas City Marathon [26.2 miles] 2 weeks from today and I, at the same time, will be running the Peachtree Classic 15K [9.3 miles]. Hopefully, it won’t take me as long to run the 15K as it does her to run the marathon! But, you never know…

3 miles of our normal loop around the Rock was closed for paving, so we ran back and forth and back and forth and back and forth on a 2-mile stretch of the loop. Because everyone was condensed on this 2-mile stretch [runners, bikers, walkers, 3-Dayers, etc., etc., etc.] it was extra crowded and we spent much of our time dodging other people– because we’re so fast… ha ha ha ha.

Anywho… we saw the dogs in the station wagon and heard the guy yelling on the bike which I so totally, totally like! I wish I could get someone to run the marathon in March with me and yell at me like that, “COME ON BODY, LET’S MOVE, LET’S ROCK AND ROLL, LET’S GET IT GOING, COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT…” I love that! But, my running partner HATES it 😮

After our run we made a stop at Starbucks– a Vivanno for her and a Venti White Mocha with protein and caramel drizzle and a Berry Stella for me 🙂 Gotta have my Berry Stella or as someone I work with so lovingly refers to as a Belly Stera… he he he… She actually was suggestive selling through the drive thru one day and asked a customer if they would like to add a Belly Stera to their order. HA HA HA HA… it’s so easy to get tongue twisted when you’re working in the drive thru!

After that we parted ways– she to LA Fitness to train her first client 🙂 and I to JoAnns to purchase some heavy clear vinyl for a project I’m working on… that’ll be a whole other blog post next week probably.

This afternoon we went to Sari Beri’s volleyball game and I just have to say she started [sorta] and played extremely well!

Salmon for dinner, worked on “the project” for quite a while and did a boatload of laundry!

WHEW! I’m worn out!


1 Response to “10.4.08”

  1. 1 rob January 29, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Great post. Good luck @Peachtree. That one is on my races to do list.

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