I am now officially a FULL TIME Starbucks employee!

Up until this month, in order to obtain full time employee status with Starbucks you had to be a store manager. However, as I posted on 10.4.08 Starbucks changes scheduling system to cut costs the scheduling system is changing, not only to cut cost but also to help Baristas make that all-important connection with the customer. In the past Starbucks has set out to hire more partners [that’s what they call us] and have them work less hours. The typical Barista’s shift might be only 4 hours. Now, they are rethinking the plan. Actually, they are rethinking A LOT of stuff! With the new scheduling system there will be fewer Baristas working more hours. The typical Barista’s shift now will be up to 8 hours. They’ve figured this will save them money but also, and most importantly, it will allow Baristas to build relationships with customers– getting to know their names, their drinks, their idiosyncrasies, etc., etc., etc. AND, it will give the customer a familiar face to look forward to seeing when they enter their favorite Starbucks. It’s all about that Barista – Customer interaction, building trust, relationships and a strong, stable, reliable customer base.

Being a Barista at Starbucks should be like welcoming friends into your own home– your own kitchen even. That’s how I look at it and I think that’s how Starbucks wants us [as Baristas] to view it. When I’m working I want the cafe to be clean and inviting, warm and relaxing, and I want the customer to feel welcomed to sit and stay a while.

I am just AMAZED at how God has worked this all out for me to come into this situation at this particular time. It’s all so perfect! And it seems to just be getting better and better. I’ve never worked so hard, made so little and had so much fun doing it!

Last week we had to fill out an “Availability Form” which included:

  1. store hours
  2. the hours the employee is available to work
  3. the hours the employee prefers to work

Evidently, those employees who are not available to work a certain percentage of the store’s hours may be let go. I’m not sure how this will be handled or if it will affect any employees at my store. However, I know it doesn’t affect me because I was told today that now I am considered full time. I will have regular morning to lunch time hours more than likely Monday through Friday. WoW! I couldn’t ask for a better situation!

FUNNY STUFF: This afternoon Sari Beri and I went shopping at Target and I saw the funniest thing. I wish now that I had taken a picture. It was on the end cap, a clearance section near the toiletries. There were these mesh bags of rocks on CLEARANCE! And I just thought to myself, “Who would ever think people would BUY bags of rocks?!? Even on clearance!” Doesn’t that just sound CRAZY! But people probably buy bags of rocks every day. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I just think that’s ridiculously funny!

Then, this afternoon my bff comes home with today’s USA Toady newspaper and in the financial section [page 2B] is an article entitled, “Wall Street fat cats likely to remain so” HA HA HA HA HA HA HA I just thought, “Could this be Cody & Ellie?” You see we live on Wall Street and our cat, Ellie, and my running partner’s cat, Cody, who stays here now and then, well… I don’t guess Ellie is really fat, but Cody… well, he’s kind of chunky.

OK, so that’s my funnies for today. It’s so good to laugh 🙂


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