How to Make the Line Move Faster at Starbucks

This will help those lines move faster, simply because it tells you the proper order in which to tell the Barista how you want your drink. While the Barista may call it out differently, how they determine how the drink is made is in a different order.


  1. Make sure you’re being clear and loud enough the Barista can hear you. Sometimes the blenders are going, or milk is being steamed [and if they’re at a drive-thru, orders are being placed outside], which can make it difficult to concentrate.
  2. Tell the Barista if you want iced or hot. They use different cups. [Note, if you request they add a little ice, you may need to make it clear you want hot coffee, they may confuse adding a little ice as being “iced” coffee]. You also have the option to tell your Barista what temperature you would like your hot drink to be. There is a temperature gauge on the steamer. 120 degrees is just right to drink right away without a burnt tongue.
  3. Give the Barista the size you want. Sizes come in Tall [small 8 oz.], Grande , and Venti [large 20 oz.]. Also, there is a Short size [extra small 6 oz.] for hot drinks only.
  4. Tell them what type of drink it is that you want. Examples include: Cappuccino, latte, mocha, frappuccino, espresso, etc.
  5. Then mention things you want extra [modifiers] in the following order to make it simpler for cup marking: Decaf? [You don’t need to say non-decaf], Any extra shots, Syrups, Milk,
    Any other custom requests.

Simple! The modifiers don’t need to be in exact order by any means, but the most important steps are 1 and 3. Baristas can’t even punch your order into the register unless you give them those two steps!


  • A good example of a successful drink order would be something like: “Give me a grande skinny vanilla latte.” Or, for a more complicated order: “Give me a decaf triple venti two-pump hazelnut soy extra-hot white chocolate mocha!”
  • Baristas cannot begin to mark cups, or just start making your drinks, until you tell them what TYPE of drink it is.
  • Remember, do not refer to a small sized drink as SMALL. Call it TALL this will not only make you feel better about the amount of money you are spending on it but most Baristas will correct you, and this only wastes more time.
  • If you’re wanting to order a drip coffee or iced coffee and want to add cream, make sure you specify “Room for cream!”. That way you don’t spill hot coffee all over yourself, as the Baristas fill the coffee up to the very top otherwise. Please be kind and ask for room instead of dumping coffee in the condiment bar trash, this is not a pleasant mess for your Barista to clean up.

source: wikiHow


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