The work week is over. I was able to sleep in this morning and will do the same tomorrow. 2 of the 5 sports programs are done and our girls won the State Championship today. It’s race weekend and I feel like I’m regaining my sanity– somewhat…

I opened at Starbucks every day this week. Thursday and Friday we saw an increase in traffic as race weekend began. Thursday I really wasn’t all there or at least it felt that way. I don’t know what it was — the karma, the vibe, the Feng Shui … whatever you want to call it, it wasn’t happening! It felt like everything was moving in slow motion. Even one of the other employees commented that she felt that way too.

But Friday, that’s a WHOLE other story! We were on our game on Friday for sure! Even with it being a terribly dreary rainy day I’d like to think we were brightening up a lot of people’s day!

Friday I was in the DTO position [Drive Thru Order] which means I’m the person that greets you when you drive up to the drive thru menu board. I don’t know why, but Friday I just had like a TON of energy– maybe it was those 6 shots! I love working the DTO position because I can say whatever in the world I want and I’m not ever going to see those people anyway so who cares– I can get really, really silly! Before I knew it I was answering the drive thru like this, “GOOD morning! Welcome to Starbucks. This is Patsy. Can I interest you in a Signature Hot Chocolate or a PUMPkin Spice Latte on this cold rainy morning?” [and I said it with A LOT of enthusiasm too :-)] Then the person might laugh and say something like, “Yeah, I’d like to try the Signature Hot Chocolate.” or “No, thank you, I’d like to have a quad, venti, caramel latte…” And I’d follow that by something like, “Well, that’s a GREAT choice, one quad, venti, caramel latte, we’ve got a blueberry scone that would go great with that, can I get you one of those?” or “How about a pumpkin cream cheese muffin with that quad, venti, caramel latte?” At one point I had a lady take me up on that pumpkin cream cheese muffin offer. She said, “Sure, how many do you have?” And I hopped over to the pastry case and said, “Six, can I get you all six?” I was just joking of course. And she replied, “Yes, I’ll take all six.” Well, that just REALLY got me going! THAT got us ALL going! It was SWEET! We had a GREAT time working Friday morning! I wish every morning could be that way!

Now… on to today. The GCAA Volleyball State Championship: The only other year that BBCS has won the Volleyball State Championship was when my running partner was a junior. This year Sari Beri is a junior. I KNEW we’d win! It went all the way down to the wire– the fifth game, to 15 points and we were up by about 3 points I think it was– I did a play by play via Twitter for some who were not able to be there to follow and it was a GREAT competitive match as it should be between two evenly matched teams. Well, I say “evenly matched” I actually think we were the better team and for sure better coached and I’m not thinking we really even played our very best but we played well enough to win and that’s enough. It was a perfect ending to a very busy, very crazy, very hectic week!

Tomorrow is a race Sunday schedule at our church so with Sunday School at 1:00 p.m. and the only service at 2:00, we get to sleep in. And we SURE need it, ALL of us!

I’m looking forward to a limited schedule at Starbucks this week, the Chick-fil-a First 100 at Flowery Branch on Wednesday, BIGGER Tom coming home, spending the day with my sister-in-law on Friday and a 15-miler at the Rock with my running partner on Saturday. WHEW! This week is going to be a BLAST!


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