The first day of November, I really can’t believe it! The year, 2008, is almost gone and what have we accomplished?!? A question, as we reflect, that we should all ask ourselves. Why wait until New Years Eve to look back on the year? Look back now, reflect while there is still time to do something positive in 2008 🙂

I don’t know if I have fully recovered from the campout. Although I am finally warm and it’s been absolutely DELIGHTFUL to sleep so snug and warm in my own BIG comfy bed the past two nights, I still don’t think I have completely caught up on my sleep. Of course, some say that you simply can’t catch up. IDK. I’d like to think that you can, and I’ll keep trying 🙂

I voted on Thursday. BIGGER Tom when with me to vote as well– it was his first time. Nice memory! We walked in, voted and walked out. No waiting at all unlike other counties in which there is a 2-4 hour wait! CRAZY!!!

I spent yesterday at the hospital [Crawford Long] with my sister-in-law while her husband had a 4-hour surgery. The doctors originally told her the surgery could last 6-7 hours. However, there were A LOT of people praying for him. We prayed every hour on the hour– or almost on the hour. At a mid-point during the surgery, to remove his esophagus and surrounding cancerous tissue and his gallbladder as well, a nurse in the operating room called my sister-in-law to tell her that things were going AMAZINGLY well and that there were really good “vibes” in the operating room. We both knew those weren’t “vibes”, it was the Lord, the Great Physician and the prayers of many Christians. I hope to go back up to the hospital again tomorrow. He will be in ICU for 4 days and in the hospital for about 12.

The Junior Class is having a bake-a-thon of sorts this weekend. Trying to earn $$ for the Junior Senior they put together a nifty order form that included baked goods– the specialties of many of the class members. The fundraiser seems to have been an overwhelming success and lots of orders were turned in for banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, cakes, pies, pumpkin rolls, pumpkin bread and the like. They are using our church kitchen and the kitchen of a church down the road. Some of them were up late last night baking. I have baked 14 loves of banana nut bread and 4 loves of banana NO-nut bread in the past 3 days [including today], and this morning I made 5 batches of chocolate chip cookie dough– enough for 18 dozen cookies, we hope. The cookies are being baked by some expert bakers [like Sari Beri] as I blog. When I left them a while ago, they had made some pretty impressive looking cakes and a guy in the class was decorating sugar cookies — He was doing an AMAZING job. Very artistic! I was like totally impressed. Mostly the guys had been relegated to washing dishes 😮 I don’t know how much more they have to do, or if they will even finish today, but hopefully they will. I think they will probably do this again, maybe next month.

Tonight we are having a family dinner– Phil’s Famous Soup and cornbread 🙂 And then we will take our annual family picture. I’d love to get everyone there in blue jeans and white shirts or khakis and white shirts or something like a Christmas sweater… however, at this point in my life, I’m just happy to get everyone there in anything 🙂 I didn’t tell anyone what to wear, and nobody asked. I’ll just be REAL happy if everyone shows up! If we don’t match, I’ll Photoshop it or make it septa or black and white or do something creative.

Right now, I’m just sitting at Starbucks [not my Starbucks– another one] sipping a venti, quad, skinny caramel latte and having some down time– me time, until my running partner arrives.

WHEW! What a week it’s been!

Next week I have the football state program to do, a program for the basketball tip-off tournament, a 4-color flyer for a Christmas program and probably a follow-up on the billboard + the usual…


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