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What a couple of days. Yesterday I worked at my store for 8 hours and then it was off to Jonesboro Road for another 4. Today, another 8 at my store. Right now my feet and legs feel like they’ve run a marathon!

Tomorrow, I’ll be working on computer stuff all day… web updates, programs, NewsBulletin, a billboard, etc., etc., etc.

It was crazy at work today giving away free coffees to all who voted and by the end of the day it was giving away free coffees to anybody and everybody because giving away something for voting is evidently against the law 😮 Late today SBUX posted this notice: “To ensure that we are in compliance with election law, we are extending our offer to all customers who request a tall brewed drip.”

My store manager brought me back a pin from the SBUX convention. 🙂

For the first time in 30 years– the first time ever actually, SBUX has changed it’s mission statement. Now it’s more about “human spirit”… interesting. The old mission statement was: “To provide an uplifting experience that enriches people’s daily lives.” and the new one:

“To inspire and nurture the human spirit—
one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time.”

Sari Beri left today for 4 days at the Wilds. It’s going to be very quiet and lonely around here without her. 😦


Free Starbucks Coffee On Election Day After Illegal Ad

Seattle-based Starbucks is making fast changes — after being accused of breaking the law with an offer to voters.

Prior to Monday afternoon, Starbucks was promoting an ad that said anyone who says enters a Starbucks on Election Day and says that they voted would get a free cup of tall coffee. Election officials for the state of Washington told KIRO 7 that rewarding voters with free coffee is illegal.”No good deed goes unpunished,” said Nick Handy, director of elections.Handy said there is a federal statute that prohibits any reward for voting.Starbucks’ good deed can be perceived as paying someone to vote, and that’s illegal, Handy said.”The way it is written, it expressly prohibits giving any kind of gift,” Handy said.Handy said the intent of the statute is aimed at special interest groups trying to influence who and how people vote.To fix the situation, Starbucks had agreed to give a tall cup of coffee to anyone who asks on Election Day.A statement from Tara Darrow of Starbucks says, “We’ve been excited by the number of positive responses received about our free coffee offer. To ensure we are in compliance with election law, we are extending our offer to all customers who request a tall brewed coffee. We’re pleased to honor our commitment to communities on this important Election Day. We hope there is a record turnout on Tuesday and look forward to celebrating with our customers over a great cup of coffee.”


Starbucks to market Yunnan coffee in China outlets

Starbucks Corporation senior vice president and president for greater China Wang Jinglong said that the coffee chain will launch its first local coffee beverages in China, using coffee beans grown in Yunnan province, according to media reports.


In light of increasing food safety concerns in China, Wang said that Starbucks would establish a strict inspection and quality control system for local suppliers in Yunnan.

In 2007, Starbucks representatives visited with coffee farmers in southern Yunnan to help them meet company sourcing standards, with an eye on launching Yunnan coffee within China’s domestic market and perhaps even internationally.

The move by Starbucks to localize some of its coffees in its China outlets is seen by analysts as a response to the current global financial crisis, trimming transportation costs and reducing tariffs paid on imported coffee beans.

Despite aggressive expansion in mainland China and sourcing Yunnan beans, Starbucks has yet to open retail outlets in Kunming or elsewhere in Yunnan.

source: Go Kunming

Halloween revelers vandalize bank and a Starbucks

A group of people dressed in costume busted the windows at an Olympia bank late Friday, Olympia police reported.

The vandalism happened around 10:30 p.m., police said. Officers were initially called to a report of a large crowd of about 50 people in costume marching down East Fourth Avenue in Olympia.

Police did not say if this was a planned march or spontaneous, but at some point, officers heard the sound of breaking glass. Police discovered that several windows had been broken at a US Bank branch on South Capitol Way and at a nearby Starbucks.

Witnesses told officers that the people responsible were among those in the costumed group, but could not identify specific individuals.

The damage was estimated at $8,000.

source: Seattle 911 a police blog

Starbucks to Become World’s Largest Buyer of Fair Trade Coffee

Despite some recent troubles on the business side of the house, Starbucks has reaffirmed its commitment to fair trade coffee and will become the largest such purchaser next year. The company plans to purchase 40 million pounds of fair-trade coffee as part of the Shared Planet program.

source: pangaya blog

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