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So, I sat down to do some work this afternoon and was reminded of my need to blog. I have neglected this blog over the past several days, not intentionally you see, I’ve just been very, very busy, and the blog for some reason always comes last. I’ll try to do better :-/ I promise…

I ended up working twice at Jonesboro Road last week– once on Monday night while they had a store meeting. That was with Eagles Landing employees and it was very, very slow [not so much fun] and then again on Saturday night. I was scheduled to work at our store on Saturday from 5:45 to close I think it was. My running partner and I ran 10 miles at the Rock on that morning so standing on my feet another 8 hours wasn’t looking like something I really wanted to do. SO, when the opportunity arrived for me to work at Jonesboro Road just until 8:30 instead of close I was elated! + I was working with their employees this time and they are the BEST! Very friendly and welcoming and not so much moody like some I work with at my store. :-/

Somehow I got all my work done last week. The football program was a learning experience! I printed 100 in color on the inkjet — will NEVER do that again. Then, when I delivered them they said they were expecting like 500 people and needed 300 programs. I delivered them the morning of the the game and there was no time to print more on the inkjet — it’s very time consuming and the second side has to be hand-fed one at a time. So, we decided on only 100 more and I had them printed at P&D on their color copier. Those printed on the color copier looked SO much better– the color just POPPED and the print was so crisp and clean. + the night of the game was drizzly and rainy so I’m sure those printed on the inkjet were bleeding all over the place :-/ I’ll never do color on the inkjet again — NEVER!

Like I said, my running partner and I ran 10 miles at the Rock on Saturday a.m. IT WAS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! We were planning to do 15, but 10 is all I could do. Hopefully, I’ll be OK for the 1/2 marathon on Thanksgiving Day — it’s not quite as hilly as the Rock. We made a Starbucks stop afterward — of course. 🙂

This week I have the usual to do + 2 Christmas items– one a flier, the other a program. Just proofs to do this week. It’s a good thing because I work almost every day including Saturday. Tomorrow and Wednesday I open and will get to do the pastry case– my favorite. 🙂

Funny: A lot of times when I hand out drinks at the drive thru I will say, “You enjoy that.” It’s so funny because about 1/2 the time customers will say back to me, “You too.” he he he he I just want to say, “OK, give me a sip of it and I’ll enjoy it too.” Of course I never would.

Last week an impromptu weekend in the mountains was planned for the weekend before Thanksgiving. Can an impromptu weekend be “planned”? I don’t think so. Anywho… Eight of us are going to the 3-story cabin in Ellijay that overlooks Carters Lake for the weekend before Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait!!! OH I CAN SO HARDLY WAIT!!! That place is so gorgeous and just to be together with family on a weekend at this most beautiful time of the year– did I say I CAN HARDLY WAIT?!? + when you get together with MY family the food is ALWAYS like TO DIE FOR! Can’t wait to see what goodies we get to gobble the weekend before Thanksgiving. 🙂


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