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We have some acquaintances that have a young daughter with cancer. They keep an online journal so that those of us who are praying for her can keep up to date on her progress. Both the mother and father are strong Christians and amazing writers. This is the latest post on Ashley’s blog:

Happy Friday! Yesterday’s chemo went very smoothly for Ashley. Zachary and Courtney were big helpers yesterday during treatment. Zachary held Ashley in his lap while she had chemo and Courtney read her a book. It is easy to forget that the older two are going through this battle with cancer too.

For grown ups it is hard enough, but with children they have so many questions that sometimes it is hard to find the right answers. What is the cure?, Why does she have cancer and I don’t? Why can’t they just take it out? and then it gets even tougher…Why does God let Ashley have cancer? If God knows she has cancer then why doesn’t he take it away? Is Ashley going to die? It’s not that they are questioning that it is God’s fault, it’s just that they have been taught that God hears us and takes care of us. Children are so thoughtful and sometimes when I question things, the children have the simplest answers.

Through the eyes of a child, cancer is foreign. They don’t understand the impact that cancer can have and I am so thankful that they don’t. Ashley has amazed me at her strength and ability to rise above her situation. To her, cancer is an inconvenience to her day. She often tells me that she can’t go to get her chemo until after recess or that she needs to finish her activity before she can be available for medicine. I like it that way and I hope that she continues to live each day without any focus on cancer, there is not time for it.

Please pray for her upcoming chemo treatment next Thursday the 20th. She will stay overnight for treatment and hydration. 5 more to go….

The Christian faith and courage that they have exhibited through this trial which began last spring has been a rebuke to me personally. Sometimes, when I think I don’t feel well, or things just might not be “going my way”… well… I just think of Ashley. I think of Ashley’s parents, her grandparents, her siblings. I have so much to be thankful for and so little, if anything, to complain about.

Thank you Lord Jesus!



Today I worked all day on Photoshop stuff. It was a good day for that. It’s cold and was rainy outside, I wasn’t scheduled to work at Starbucks, and I don’t really feel well. So, it was the perfect day for sitting all curled up on the couch in a warm house and not have to go anywhere. 🙂

Something really nice happened this week. For about a year now I have not been able to upload changes to one of my websites from home. The site is hosted on cBeyond servers. I have other sites that are hosted on cBeyond servers, and I can upload changes to them from home, but for some reason this particular one I could not. I have other sits that are hosed by different companies and them also I can upload changes to from home. I’ve called cBeyond on several occasions over the past year to see if they could resolve the problem, but they have not been able to– said everything looked fine on their end. However, I knew just for the fact that I can upload other sites on their servers and others not on their servers from home that there was something different about this particular one and the server it was hosted on. It’s been a real pain because every time I need to make changes, which can be several times a week, I have to go somewhere else to do it. It doesn’t matter where — the school, Starbucks, my parent’s house, Chick-fil-a, a Chick-fil-a campout… I could upload from anywhere except home. Well, last week I wasn’t able to upload to this site from ANYWHERE! So, once again, I call cBeyond. Turns out they are doing some sever maintainece and moving the site to a different server. It took about a week but now the site is moved and GUESS WHAT!?! I can upload from home again! WHOO HOO!!! That makes life SO much easier. Praise the Lord! See, I told them it was a problem on their end and not on mine!

Next Monday night I have the oportunity to work at the Lovejoy Starbucks. I’m excited about that. That store is set up much like mine. I turned down the oportunity to work at Eagle’s Landing Starbucks tomorrow night. I hated to but I’m already scheduled to work 6 hours at my store tomorrow and then I open Saturday morning + I have a date tomorrow night 🙂

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