WHEW! What a day! 14.5 hours working at Starbucks. I saw the sun rise, and I saw the sun set, and there I was, still slinging lattes. There’s a story there…

Anyway, last night I worked at Lovejoy. There was supposed to be three of us there but one was a no show :/ So, two of us handled it until the store manager could get back from his meeting to help us close. It was like really, really, really slow– the usual at night there, so all was good. EXCEPT– Silly me, I was preparing mop water for closing. I put the hose in the bucket and started putting a new mop head on when all of a sudden the hose took on a life of it’s own and sprayed scalding hot water all over the place INCLUDING in my face!!! It hurt but I’m pretty tough and didn’t think much more about it until tonight when I realized that my forehead is blistered :/ I’ll not let go of the hose next time.

The story behind me working such a long shift today is simply that we have two baristas out with strep and they needed their shifts covered, they couldn’t find anyone else, so I volunteered.

OH, when I got to work this morning we discovered that over night someone had attempted to break into the store through the front doors. They were not successful however, they did do quite a bit of damage to the doors, door frame and even cracked the wall the door hangs on. ODD!

Tomorrow I open. Tonight I sleep 🙂


1 Response to “11.18.08”

  1. 1 Frank Harney November 22, 2008 at 12:06 am

    I read your blog about the Chick-fil-A camp out at Flowery Branch. I am the operator and was so glad to know you had a great time. I have seen alot of first 100’s and I agree this one was great…it is people like you that make it that way. Blessings for a wonderful holiday season. jfh

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