Got M.U.G.ged again today. This one reads, “I love your concentrated efforts to enhance your personal knowledge as well as our customer’s. 🙂 You’re doing a great job and it’s a pleasure working with you!” My apron is not big enough for all of these M.U.G. awards. 😮dsc_0102

The store is so festive and packed with red and gold Christmas trimmings! We even got a live Christmas tree last night, donated by a Barista who works for us and also works at a Christmas tree farm. It’s an exciting time of year and I can only but think that January, when all this stuff is gone, is going to be pretty boring!

The 1/2 Marathon on Thanksgiving morning went pretty good. No PR here but I was just happy to be able to complete the course considering how little I’ve run lately. It may very well have been my last race for a very long time at best. Standing on my feet all day and working 50-60 hours a week has taken it’s toll. I just don’t think I can work running in there as well. We’ll see… BTW, the shirt we got this year is a SUPER NICE, long-sleeved, technical shirt. I really like it.

Thanksgiving Day at my uncle and aunt’s 3-story log cabin on the BIG Cotton Indian Creek was a wonderful time with family. I think though that someone tainted the turkey with tranquilizers!

img_0639This is basically what most all of us did [or felt like doing] after the big meal in the afternoon– including me. I was worn out!!!

Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, meant extra hours at the store. We opened at 3:30 a.m. which meant my feet hit the bedroom floor at 2:15. It was a nice steady rush most all day [I wish it were like that every day!] and we beat our closest competitor store in sales for the day by only $39.00!!! YEAH!

I opened again this morning and will open every morning, Monday – Saturday, next week. Our probably most reliable shift is going to have a baby this next week which will more than likely mean more hours for some of us over the next 6 weeks while she’s out on maternity leave.

Any day now I should receive my “official” partner card in the mail! I can hardly wait and am looking for it every day. On Monday I can sign up for the stock options program — Bean Stock. I feel it’s really a good time to do so as Starbucks stock is at it’s lowest point ever I believe. It’s 1/2 of what it was the day I was hired– probably all because I don’t buy my drinks any more. 😮

Today, I had my store manager go to the Newnan store and pick up my Christmas present. It’s better that way. I can purchase it through our store and it looks good on our books. 749009

starbucksbarista_burr_150She was REAL happy to do so. There’s a special going on now through the end of December and if you purchase this Starbucks® Sirena™ Espresso Machine you will save $110.00 on the Burr Barista Coffee Grinder– it’s regularly $150.00. + starting next week, our discount increases [just during the holiday season] to 40%. So, I’ll get a $150.00 coffee grinder for about $25.00. I’m not sure who needs a $150.00 coffee grinder. I was planning on getting one that cost $59.95, but this one ends up being even cheaper and I guess it must be pretty nice– you’d certainly think, right?

Anyway, I’m excited about my Christmas present. I’ll wrap it and put it under the tree– that is IF we put the tree up, and open it on Christmas morning– or Christmas afternoon… Actually, I think I might be working Christmas morning. Since we don’t do the BIG “Christmas morning” thing any more– the kids being all grown up and all they don’t want to get out of be too early. So, I signed up to work at the store– it’s time and a half.

And the whole Christmas tree thing… Well, I just haven’t been in the mood to drag all that stuff out the last couple of years. So, if nobody else does, well… it just probably won’t get done. But trust me, somebody WILL! Then I’ll just have to put it all back. But that’s ok. I don’t mind that too much. I just don’t like messing with all those tangled lights and trying to figure out where to put everything and all. I’ll hang the stocking– at least I’ll do that much. 🙂

I wore my Santa hat to work today! 🙂

img_0648This is the BEGINNING OF TECHNOLOGY for me.
I think I was in like the 3rd grade and this is my very first TRANSISTOR RADIO!
Whoo Hoo!!!


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