FUNNY STUFF at SBUX last week: First we had a customer ask for a Venti Caramel Macchiato, Extra Hot with ICE! ha ha ha ha… what’s the point of that? Extra HOT with ICE! Then, Saturday, some dude in the drive thru ask if we sell ChapStick! Are you SERIOUS!? Does this look like CVS?!? NO, it’s Starbucks! We sell COFFEE! Who knows, maybe we SHOULD sell ChapStick…

Our tips got stolen on Saturday from the drive thru. They say it happens this time of year. Happened twice last year. It’s prone to happen any time of the year I’d think. I mean they sit out there unguarded most of the time on the ledge right outside the drive thru window. Anyone looking to make a quick buck could simply swipe them. But I guess there is more crime over all this time of year– Sad :-/ Also, there’s some con going around asking for change and then cheating you out of $10. It happened at our store on Saturday and Jonesboro Road too, and again today at Jonesboro Road. I don’t give change. If they ask I just say, “sorry” 😮 They can go to the bank if they want change. I’m sure they are not just targeting Starbucks, they’ve probably been to all kinds of other places around here as well. Sad!

Yesterday was an off day. I got to go to breakfast with Sari Beri and then to breakfast AGAIN 😮 with my bff. [I skipped lunch– the second breakfast WAS my lunch!] Then I accompanied him on a brief shopping trip and to two doctor visits. Next Monday is going to be an off day for the both of us again and I hope to do all of our Christmas shopping in that one day! Shopping is one of my least favorite things to do :-/ but doing it with someone you love always helps 🙂

Tonight– home basketball!

Working every morning the reset of the week and Saturday too. It’s so festive and fun at the store right now. The Christmas music is playing, people are in a good mood, buying gift cards and other gift items, ordering Gingersnap Lattes and Pumpkin Loaf and BANANA LOAF 🙂 he he he… that’s an inside joke, sort of…


We got our last White House Christmas card in the mail today, the last for the next 4 years anyhow. The verse in the card: Matthew 5:16 “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” AMAZING that in this day and time we still have a President that will put a Bible verse in a Christmas card and send it out to people all over the world. That my friend is about to change. Sad days are ahead! I fear days like we have never seen before.

Someone has taken an old shack about 3 miles from us and turned it into a donut place. Actually, they are “turning” it into a donut place, they’re not quite finished. BUT, they put up this nifty sign this weekend and I LOVE IT!!! It’s SO cute!


SPEEDWAY DONUTS! I told my bff that when they open I am, of course, going to go over and “checkout the merchandise” and if it’s good I’m going to offer my assistance on Race Weekend in March because you know they are going to be SLAMMED on Race Weekend! FUN FUN!!!


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