Small World: I work with about 20 employees at my Starbucks. My bff works with thousands at his job. What’s the chances that the husband of one of the girls I work with and the father of another both have worked with my bff at his job?!? Small world indeed!

Just call me the Milk Lady: On the condiment bar at Starbucks we start the morning out with 3 cold insulated carafes of milk, one containing whole milk, one with non-fat milk, and the third with half and half. These have to be changed every hour and the milk left in the carafes is dumped. I often wondered exactly how much milk product we dump every day and I feel insanely guilty for dumping so much good milk product every day. The milk is still cold and still good when we dump it. It used to be every 2 hours that we dump it, but that was too long and now it’s every hour. I asked my store manager if I could take an empty milk jug, put my name on it, dump the milk in it at the end of the hour, store it in the bottom of the fridge and give it to people who I know that could use it. She said sure! She too felt bad about dumping so much good milk– it’s not very green! So, I started yesterday. It was a short shift, only 6 hours, and I only started 2 hours into it. I saved 2 gallons of milk. Today, I saved 3 in 8 hours. I’ve given them all away. If you need milk, just let me know! This is a mixture of whole, half and half, and non-fat so it’s a pretty rich mixture but it could be cut with water if needed. And just do that math! If I collected 3 gallons in 8 hours at 1 store… how much good milk is “Starbucks the company” throwing out every day world-wide?!? Certainly not very green!

Oh yes, I almost forgot… GOT MY PARTNER CARD! I’m “official” now. I’d been looking for it in the snail mail at home and it actually came to the store. Didn’t know that.

Latte Art: Did this at the store yesterday. Everybody thought it was AWESOME! Not sure what they thought it was but actually… it was just an accident đŸ˜® What do you think it looks like? I’m not sure either.



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