OK, so before I begin telling you about our ordeal yesterday, I need to blog about one thing that I forgot to mention on Monday. While we were in the ER on Monday they had a fire drill. Can you imagine, a fire drill while you’re in the emergency room?!? How ridiculous! And what’s even more ridiculous… nobody paid it any attention at all—nobody moved! Seriously!

As far as yesterday, I fully expected to go in, get the x-rays done, and they’d say, “You’re healing just fine…” and we’d be on our way back home. I’d even planned to have a cookie-baking day with Sari Beri, which I totally missed sorry to say—I even had everything laid out and ready to go. BUMMER! She baked them all by herself and they turned out just dandy I’m sure! Actually, I’ve already taste tested two of them which she so kindly packed in an overnight bag with a whole bunch of stuff I requested + thoughtful things I didn’t request like the cookies, bottled waters and CLEMENTINES, thanks to my bff.

So yesterday morning, instead of hearing, “You’re healing just fine…” we found out that things had actually worsened :-/ more than 20% of his left lung had collapsed and they started talking to us about Marfan Syndrome.

Marfan syndrome is something that affects young guys that are tall and thin. Abe Lincoln had it. There’s even a Marfan syndrome foundation website. We will have to have some genetic testing to see if BIGGER Tom has it– we’ll follow up on that maybe next week. One of the symptoms or signs of Marfan syndrome is the collapsed lung thing that we’re dealing with today.

Now, back to what happened yesterday… Once the diagnosis of a worsening case of the collapsed lung thing was made, then came the decision to insert a chest tube and suction the lung back into place. Thomas was awake for the procedure, which is quite painful, and to hear him describe it, I’m glad I wasn’t in the room. He says he could actually hear it when it broke through the chest cavity wall. YIKES!

Shortly after the chest tube was inserted and the suction connected, a couple of x-rays were taken to determine if the lung was indeed in the correct place—which it was. Then they moved him to a real room up on the second floor—unfortunately, not in the new wing :-/ More Morphine was given before moving him.

He had several visitors over the course of the evening, which was nice. A lot of people are praying and that is super nice!

We will be here at least through Friday morning. Christmas Day in the hospital… what a memorable Christmas this will be! Much different than last Christmas in the beauty of the North Georgia Mountains as my mom commented earlier.

When they take the tube out on Friday morning [we hope] the plan is to take him to x-ray and confirm that the lung stays in place as it should. If it does, I think we get to come home; if not… there’s the possibility of more evasive surgery in which they actually go in and tack the lung back up 😮 YIKES! I hope we don’t have to go down that road!

The doctor says that 65% of the people who experience this never have to go through it again. Hopefully this will be our one and only time!

I do want to say how amazed and thankful I am for God’s timing. This really is a good time for this to happen—Thomas is out of school and I had already planned three days off from work. I’m so glad that he’s not stuck in some hospital in Greenville and that I didn’t have to scramble to find a replacement at work. Things could be worse. Of course he is like totally bummed because he had big plans of working a lot over the break and making $$ to pay for books for next semester but I know God has reasons for everything and will take care of that.

Oh, BTW, when we got to the ER yesterday morning, they asked if Jon and I were Thomas’ parents, then later, a doctor asked if I was his sister. How odd!


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