12Yesterday morning the x-ray technician came in to take yet another chest x-ray. Evidently they will do this every morning to check on the progress. He’ll probably go home a drug addict from the pain meds or with cancer from all these x-rays. :-/ This technician didn’t even step out of the room when he took the x-ray like most always they do. I am so glad though that they have the equipment to come to your room instead of having to move you to a gurney and roll you down to x-ray—movement seems to bring on more pain.


The results of the x-ray did not come back good so the surgeon was called. Evidently something is not quite as it should be. The surgeon seemed to think it would be ok though. He didn’t seem as alarmed at the nurses. They first came in and said that the suction wasn’t doing what it was supposed to and that really scared me because I got to thinking, “Well, what next?” However, the surgeon, as I said, seemed to think it would be ok. However, he did say Thomas would have to be connected to the suction a full three days, which means they will not take the chest tube out until Saturday at the earliest. I’m really was hoping to get out of here today :-/ and Thomas has had enough already.

4He has been in a lot of pain and the pain meds make him sick and throwing up, of course, is quite painful, he doesn’t want to eat because he feels sick—it’s a vicious circle.

Several of his friends came and visited yesterday as well as other people. We appreciate your prayers that this is the end of something and not the beginning.

This morning the Thoracic surgeon came in and talked with us a while. He was very encouraging. The first encouraging words we have received this week. He said the x-ray that was taken this morning shows the lung fully inflated, as it should be. There is a slight kink in the chest tube but that has not inhibited its performance. He’s ordered an echocardiogram and CT scan for today. For one of those they will use interventions fluids and Thomas has to have an empty stomach. So breakfast [the little that he ate] will be the last food he gets for a while. He’s eaten like hardly nothing since we got here and drank hardly nothing either. I find it hard to believe that they don’t have an IV in him pumping fluids and nourishment into his tall, thin, scrawny big body. The surgeon took Thomas off the suction and said he would take the chest tube out tomorrow and we could go home.  The echocardiogram, I believe, is to help determine whether Marfan syndrome could play a part in all this. I’ve Googled and read quite a bit about Marfan syndrome over the past 3 days and I doubt very seriously whether Thomas has this. He just doesn’t seem to fit al the criteria to me; but we’ll wait to see what the doctor says.

He actually got out of the bed this morning for the first time since Wednesday—on his own. The nurses were able to change the bed linen,s which was good because it was beginning to smell like a boy’s locker room in here!

5They were able to do the echocardiogram in the room, so that was convenient and painless and good and a blessing! Everyone should have the opportunity to see his or her heart in action like that. It’s SO AMAZING to see all those values opening and closing right at the precise moment. Totally makes you think that we were indeed fearfully and wonderfully made!

The CT scan had to be done somewhere else in the hospital but because of the chest tube still being attached they wheeled him down there in the bed. I wasn’t able to go back with him, just had to wait in a waiting room. He said when it was over that it was painful laying down but he managed. People were praying.

Back in the room he ate a little. They’ve already started him on an antibiotic—did that this morning and he just had some more pain meds. So hopefully we’re settling in for a nice quiet night and maybe he’ll be able to get some rest.

His neck is bothering him—has been since we got into the room on Wednesday. He thinks that maybe they hit some kind of nerve when they inserted the chest tube. Hopefully that will clear up soon and not be an issue.


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