Last night a bunch of friends came to visit BIGGER Tom again. He’s blessed to have so many good friends and fortunate that the staff here is so lenient to allow so many of them in the room at the same time. I think Thursday night we had 9 in here at one time. His friend Jon has spent every night up here and last night Matt stayed as well. I’ve been sleeping out in the waiting room on a comfy sofa… only a TM away.

I have to say, my Facebook friends have really been an encouragement to me during this ordeal. There is no WIFI in the room but I’ve been able to get on Facebook with my iPhone and that’s been a real help. Many of them have been praying for Thomas and we really appreciate that. We’re in the south tower and to get on the WIFI I have to take an extended journey to the north tower and down to Einstein Bagel’s Internet Café. Once a day or so I go down there to do some work but still even there I can’t get on Facebook—it’s blocked :-/ even the proxy sites wouldn’t work.

I’m hoping today turns out the way we think and we get to go home! We haven’t showered or washed our hair since Wednesday morning and we’re both looking forward to a nice hot shower. It’s beginning to smell like a boy’s locker room in here [I think I might have already said that in an earlier post] and all the body spray in the world couldn’t make me feel clean and fresh like a shower will.

Thomas will just be relieved to get the removal of the chest tube over. He’s afraid it’s going to hurt even though one of the nurses yesterday told us that patients say it doesn’t. Seriously, I’d think it would have to somewhat.

Chris and Rachel are now waiting for a flight out of KC. They have missed the first two this morning and they are both sick and just want to get home. We have a night of CHRISTmas party-ing planned but I doubt it will be a very “lively” party :-/ MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

I know of at least 2 other families that spent part of Christmas in a hospital and this hospital, as I am sure most are, is filled with sick, hurting and dying people spending Christmas in the hospital. For some, there will be no more Christmases. Some have family by their side some do not. I’ve watched one particular room across the way with a man that has just lay still in the bed since we’ve been here and I’ve never seen him move, never seen anyone in to visit or sit with him and it just makes me so sad. There’s a ministry to be had up here.


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