When last I left you, BIGGER Tom was waiting to get the chest tube out and Chris and Rachel were waiting to catch a plane out of KC back to ATL for a night of Christmas Party-ing with the family. Most of you probably already know how all that turned out as well as the rest of our eventful weekend. If not, read on and I’ll fill you in.

The chest tube, I don’t think, was as bad coming out as going in and not as bad as BIGGER Tom anticipated. It was quick he said and kind of took his breath away– they basically just jerk it out of you. It looked to be about 12-15″ long. I would post a pic of it here but it’s quite gross. Soon after the chest tube was out an x-ray was taken [one was taken before the chest tube came out as well] and we were released from the hospital about noon on Saturday. Tomorrow he goes back to the surgeon to be sure everything is healing properly, to get another x-ray, find out the results of the ecocardiogram and to see where we go from here.

Chris and Rachel did indeed make a flight out of KC on Saturday around noon I think it was. There were plenty of people praying they would and that’s really the only explanation for them getting on because it seemed that even paying passengers were left behind on the flight they got out on.

We had our family Christmas on Saturday night and that was nice.

Sunday was a special day. Every Sunday is a special day but this Sunday was especially special. It was my father and mother’s 50th wedding anniversary. They were actually married on a Sunday afternoon 50 years ago on yesterday. For a year now the family has been planning and working on a special surprise celebration for their 50th. We hired the best caterer we knew, the best florist and the Lord has just made so many things come together to make their special day so much more special than we ever could have. It was just a miracle!

First of all let me say this was supposed to be a surprise, but it turned out not to be. We mailed invitations the day after Thanksgiving and you probably won’t believe this but my mom has this friend [if you can call her that] that on the day she received the invitation called my mom and said, “I don’t like surprises, and I just wanted you to know that your family is having a surprise 50th wedding anniversary celebration for you and Tom on Sunday, December 28… and I’m just telling you this because you might want to get your hair done or buy a new outfit and be sure Tom doesn’t have a stain on his shirt…” Can you believe someone would do that!?! My mom just told me that yesterday during the reception when I asked if they were surprised. So, no they weren’t surprised at the event. However, they were surprised at how nice it was and how many people showed up. There were between 300-350 people. It was AMAZING to watch all these people that I haven’t seen in years and years and years just keep pouring in the door. It turned out great!

see the photos

And this actually even gets a little better. When my mom’s friend called her to tell her about the surprise, it upset my mom really bad that she would do that. It upset her so much that she couldn’t sleep for two nights! That’s the only part that really bothers me– not so much that the surprise was revealed but that it upset my mom so much. Anywho… so my mom called my aunt to tell her about it, because my aunt too knows this crazy lady. So yesterday, when the crazy lady arrived, she went over to my aunt and said, “Well, do you think they’ll be surprised?” Seriously, she did! It’s a good thing I didn’t know all this when I so warmly greeted her at the door yesterday and told her how glad I was that she came! BIGGER Tom says she’s evil 😮


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