Today was my first day back to work in a week and boy am I ever sore and tired! My legs get so sore standing all day and today was especially tiring. We are constantly short staffed since the cut backs in labor and they are really pushing those of us who choose to stay to the limit. Customers are having to wait, the lines at the drive thru are usually long and sometimes even the line in the cafe is long as well. I worked the drive thru today. The sun is brutal from about 11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. as it blindingly shines right in the drive thru window– sometimes so brightly that it is difficult to even see the customer. The lot next door is being cleared. I assume at one time it must have been something but now all that is left is a thick concrete slab. This is on the drive thru side :-/ and today a big backhoe was working most of the day to dig up and break up and pile up the remaining slab making it quite difficult to hear the drive thru patrons. Then, in the height of the rush hour this morning, the cup labeler broke. If it’s ever going to break, it breaks during the height of the rush hour! So to say it was tense at work today is quite an understatement!

I did have some fun though. Herbert the rat made his debut appearance he he…


I hid him under the mop bucket in the mop drain sink in the back of the store. I was in the drive thru when one of the girls went to fill the mop bucket in the afternoon. I heard her scream all the way from the back of the store. It was quite funny! The highlight of my work day!

Last night my bff went for a sleep study. For some time now he hasn’t slept good at night waking himself up because he stops breathing. When he first started it would wake me up, but now I sleep so sound because I work so hard that it doesn’t wake me up any more. I don’t even think he snores so much any more as he used to– just once in a while do I hear him snore. The sleep study was supposed to last until 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. but they sent him home early– like 4:00 a.m. because he was so miserable and had the obvious signs of sleep apnea as we suspected. I kidded him that maybe he was just not a very good patient he he. I believe he will hear from the doctor in about a week and have to do another sleep study with some kind of divinely romantic apparatus which he will bring home and sleep with the rest of our lives– wonderful :-/ well, if it helps him sleep maybe it will be worth it. I hope it helps him.

Sari Beri had an ortho appointment late this afternoon so afterward we stopped off at Chopsticks Chinese Bistro in Peachtree City for dinner. I highly recommend it. Great atmosphere and great food as well– the company was good too, me, Sari Beri and my bff.


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