pike1Today we brewed Pike Place Roast, as we do almost every day [unless we’re out of it]. PPR is a multi-region blend of high-altitude Arabia beans invoking the flavors of cocoa and roasted nut.

veronaWe also brewed Caffe Verona. This too is a bold multi-region blend. It’s a complex blend of beans from Latin American and the Asian Pacific with a touch of Italian Roast. Caffe Verona is our most popular coffee especially around Valentines as it pares so well with chocolate 🙂

The HC Health Inspector paid us a visit this afternoon. We went from a score of 95 to a 93 [still an A] for 2 reasons.

  1. There were no paper towels in the back at the hand washing sink. That really doesn’t bother me so much because we were like totally out of paper towels and nobody uses that sink anyway. We all use the hand washing sink in the front, so the customers can see that we washed your hands– good PR.
  2. There was a 1/2 quart of eggnog in the bar fridge that expired yesterday. 😦 That bothers me! That shouldn’t happen. I’m not really sure how it happened and I’m not really sure how the HI found it. We have dozens of dairy containers in the store and he couldn’t have possibly looked at the dates on all of them. Guess he just got lucky.

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