Yesterday was my 5 month anniversary at Starbucks. Next month I get a review and a raise. Whoo Hoo!

The “ARE YOU IN” grassroots movement is underway. It’s all about doing something iminpositive “together” for our communities. Donate 5 hours of your time and you’ll get a FREE tall coffee. Whoo Hoo! again… “You and Starbucks. It’s bigger than coffee.” That’s what they say anyhow. One blog I read called it “Marketing with Meaning”. It’s an interesting concept I must admit, and launching it on the day after our new president takes office with all his new “let’s get together” ideas- genius! I’m in!

Today I spent most of the day working from home, answering and returning calls from clients and the like. While I was out picking up a client’s job and making a delivery I stoped by the store and picked up my new passion: a venti, non-fat, no whip, no sprinkles, gingersnap latte. This time, printed on the sleeve was a Franklin D. Roosevelt saying.


This too is all about the “ARE YOU IN/I’M IN” campaign. The timing [again] I must say is intriguing. What will they think of next is about all I can think, say or write.

Monday we start using our new warming oven. Everyone else in the district has been using theirs for some time it seems. It also seems we’re always the last to get into the swing of things. I guess in some respects that could be a good thing– let “them” get the bugs worked out first and then we’ll take the plunge with knowledge. After all, being “knowledgeable” is supposed to be one of the things we strive for.


This morning my store manager called me and asked that I come up with a “pastry bag” ad to promote the new sandwiches. These are 1/4 page ads we staple to the pastry bags. It’s only a matter of time before one of those staples ends up in someone’s pastry 😮 I don’t think the sandwiches themselves need to be promoted seeing that everyone else around us seems to have them and customers have been asking when are we going to get them for months. I think the promotion is actually that we finally have them at this location. Of course we’ve been waiting for our new oven which now we have.

I’m a bit apprehensive about the new oven. I even thought about going to a nearby store and just observing for a time. However, everyone assures me that it’s a simple operation. We shall see…

donutThis morning Sari Beri and I went for our usual weekly breakfast out, but we didn’t go to Starbucks 😮 I know… you can’t believe it!

We went to SPEEDWAY DONUTS! Yes, it’s finally open. The long anticipated wait is over and a wait well worth it it was! I had 1 1/2 plain donuts and 1 cream filled. AMAZING! is about all I can say. The dough was perfectly soft and not too sweet. The glaze was light and not over done. The owner even brought us out a hot cinnamon twist to sample. Absolutely delightful. They’ve even got a window you can watch through to see them being made. The coffee was blah, but I wasn’t expecting it to be anything but that– I certainly didn’t go there for the coffee [I know where to go for that!] and that’s fine.

I asked the owner what his plans were for race week. He wasn’t really sure what to expect except that they might be spending like 24/7 there. I’d like to go and volunteer my services. HEY! Maybe that can me my 5 hours, or 5 days. he he he…


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