Where did January go?!?


Today we Brewed Ethiopia Sidamo. A BOLD coffee that is GREAT with our Iced Lemon Pound Cake!

From the birthplace of coffee, Sidamo is highly prized by coffee buyers from around the world. It features a fleeting, floral aroma with a bright yet soft finish and, like the best Sidamo coffees, a wonderful hint of lemon. Typically, Ethiopian coffee is grown in small, backyard coffee gardens and sold at daily auctions.

Key term: Floral

You can tell a lot about a coffee if you know where it’s from. Coffees from Arabia are legendary for their berrylike flavors and winelike qualities. Those from Africa are remarkable for their floral aromas and citrusy tastes. Sidamo is Ethiopia’s southermost province bordering on Kenya.

The key flavor to set off Ethiopia Sidamo’s charm is lemon – lemon poppyseed muffins, lemon blueberry biscotti and lemon bars.

We started selling breakfast sandwiches on Monday and they are OH SO DELICIOUS!


I created this pastry bag ad last week to announce their arrival.


And this morning we began running this ad on the pastry bags, after a few customers yesterday requested more information about the sandwiches [another creation].


Back when Starbucks first introduced Breakfast Sandwiches something like this was probably available as customer handouts, but now that our store seems to be jumping on board late, there’s nothing like that around– no problem 🙂 This one was created to look just like the pastry case signage.

The Spinach Feta Wrap is my favorite. Actually, it’s the only one I’ve had. It’s 5 WW points, has 7g of fiber, and is OH SO YUMMY! YUM-O! as Rachael Ray would say.

Starbucks is now in the business of giving away decaf coffee. After 12 noon decaf will only be brewed on demand. So, basically, we give it away because if you walk up to the counter [or drive up to the drive thru] and the coffee is not brewed, you get it for free. It really is a smart move on the company’s part. We sell very little decaf comparatively and I think brewing the ocasional pot and giving it away will actually save money and prevent waste. This afternoon we had one customer ask for decaf– we brewed one 1/4 batch of decaf and gave away one cup whereas normally we’d brew a 1/4 batch every 30 minutes and dump it.


We have a continual problem at the store [since the switch over to AT&T] of customers not being able to connect to the WIFI. I’ve checked a couple of different sources and have been assured that the WIFI is working properly. The problems seems to be mostly with PCs– everyone should own a MAC! We have a number we refer customers to when they have problems connecting but it’s usually not convenient to write the number down for them so I’ve created this business card. I had some left over business card forms that you run through your inkjet and they actually come out looking pretty professional– a nice option if you’re only printing a few of something. So, I’ll print a few and keep them by R1 so when a customer can’t connect we can just hand them one and let them deal with it. I think I might take my laptop tomorrow and see if I have any problems connecting– just curious…


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