What is a French Press anyway?

I’ve put away my expensive drip coffee pot [it was a nice one] for my new Frenchfrench press, which I must write, I picked up on a recent trip to Barnes & Noble for 75% off– yes, the same one we sell in the store for $39.95 I got at B&N for less than $10! NICE!

So, what is a French Press? I’ll have to admit, when I first heard the term “French press” it was quite daunting and sounded like something you might need a Culinary Art degree to operate. However, it’s so easy a child could do it! Now, of course we are talking HOT water here so I would advise to keep children far away but it’s really, really easy and will provide you with the most authentic cup of coffee one could make. There’s no paper filter to soak up all those wonderful oils and flavors. No deep, dark crevasses inside of a coffee pot that could be dirty and growing who knows what. Just a clean, clear glass container that you can see all the goings on and never fear for what might actually be lurking inside :-/

So, here’s how simple it is [seven easy steps to a perfect cup of coffee]:

  1. Heat your water to just about boiling temperature in a pot [not the French press]. I prefer filtered water– not purified, just filtered drinking water.
  2. Place your freshly ground coffee into the French press. At the store we use .12 of a lb. for an 8-cup French press. However, I do not [yet] own a digital scale so I measured out .12 at the store from my markout last week, took it home and guess what? It’s exactly 3/4 cup. Whala! So, seeing that I still don’t own a digital scale I just measure 3/4 cup of beans into my coffee grinder and grind the beans on the French press setting which is a course setting.
  3. Pour the hot water over coffee grounds. That was easy!
  4. Put the lid back on the French press, leaving plunger up.
  5. Leave your coffee to steep for 4 minutes. [I just bought this nifty 4-minute timer we sell at the store, but you certainly don’t have to have a special timer– I’m just a gadget junky :-o.]
  6. When the 4 minutes are up, slowly press down the plunger, straining out the coffee grounds.
  7. Serve & ENJOY! Even after you’ve pressed down the plunger, your coffee will continue to grow stronger. If you let it sit too long in the pot, it will get bitter. Serve immediately. 20 minutes is about the maximum life expectancy of French press coffee 🙂

It really is just that simple!


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