n774470703_337866_65711So, the last week around here has been kind of stressful. After our interesting trip to Greenville last weekend we got home to find out that my mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Now in 2005 my running partner and I did the Susan G. Komen 3Day where you raise a bunch of $$$$ for breast cancer research and then walk 60 miles in 3 days. It just about killed me but that’s a whole other post. We did that primarily for my mother-in-law who had had breast cancer early in her life. Ironically, we’ve been thinking about doing it again this year or next year.

However, we were totally caught of guard by this news last week. There has never been, that we know of, any history of breast cancer on my side of the family– well now there is. So now I have to think that my girls are at risk from both sides. IDK, maybe genetics doesn’t play that big of a roll in the whole scheme of things. I guess it has to start somewhere.

Mom has been diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer which in the words of her doctor 80% of his patience would gladly trade places with her. I think she’s scared and nervous primarily because of her fear of needles and the like, but at the same time she seems to have a real sense of peace. That’s because of the God we serve– that’s the peace that passes all understanding. An unexplainable peace that the world cannot understand.

We will get through this I’m sure, but it was not any thing we were expecting or prepared for. As I told one friend, it’s an unfamiliar road we are about to travel.

The timing I think really couldn’t have been better. My parents had already planned to go and house/pet sit for some friends in Ellijay for 3 weeks beginning today and they are continuing on with those plans. So, they got all their work caught up and had already planned to take the time off and what better place to recover from surgery than a beautiful 3-story log cabin on 10 acres over looking Carter’s Lake in Ellijay?!?

We too are planning to join them on the next 3 weekends, possibly even making one of those a long one. Hopefully my running partner and her CPA and other family members and friends will join us as well.

Her next step will be a MRI at Northside Hospital some time this week to be sure the cancer is contained and not anywhere else in her body. Please pray that it’s not.


1 Response to “3.10.09”

  1. 1 Extremely Witty March 11, 2009 at 12:03 am

    Confession – I’ve written a few blogs about the interactions I’ve had with a Cute Starbucks Barista that I met. Your blog once came up as a “possibly related to this post” link and I’ve been quietly blog stalking you since. But after seeing this post, I decided to break my silence.
    I have an Aunt that has been battling breast cancer for a few years now. I cannot imagine what it would be like to have to go through some of the things she has. It takes a really brave person to go through something like that. I wish you and your family nothing but the best!

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