Ellijay weekend #1 was delightful despite the rain. Any time you can spend time with family it’s delightful. I realize that probably all cannot say that, but I am truly blessed to be able to.

On Friday afternoon my bff and I and Sari Beri headed for Ellijay to be with my parents who are pet/house sitting for some friends of theirs. One of my uncles and aunts were already there. The weather was cold and rainy as it was most all of the weekend. I certainly hope next weekend is different. However, that did not dampen our spirits. We were just all glad to be together and to be able to get away for the weekend.

We all enjoyed some of my bff’s famous homemade soup and cornbread for dinner, and for dessert we had my delicious 10-egg pound cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream, and some Starbucks VIA Ready Brew. YUM!img_0836

Later on that evening my uncle and aunt left to head for home [Atlanta] and Chris and Rachel arrived. Time for more cake… 🙂

Saturday morning we made homemade Belgian waffles with our professional waffle maker, had a French press of Bella Vista, and then it was off to Blairsville. Just on the other side of Blairsville there’s what used to be a little country store called Alexander’s Store. A family run business that looked like it must of started off as a one-room country store on the side of the road but they’ve added on and added on and now it’s a sprawling place that one could easily get lost in. They have everything from Brighton purses to Moon Pies!

Then we headed to Blue Ridge for a little more shopping—there’s a fudge shop there 🙂 Rachel got her fudge, my mother bought some beautiful prints from an interior design shop, we found a place for lunch next Saturday [Rapaz on Main], my dad got a delicious looking ice cream from a place called Sweet Treats, I think it was [I’m going to have one next weekend], and I bought some over-sized muffin pans— not that the pans themselves are over-sized, but the muffins you make in them will be over-sized. Does that make sense? Anyway, I’ve got a ton of bananas in the freezer at home and instead of making my usual loaves of banana bread, which are delicious, I think I’ll make walnut banana muffins and bring them up for breakfast next weekend. YUM-O!

It was a BLAST all day to have 3 generations all traveling together in the Suburban– the young ones in the very back, dad and mom in the middle, and me and my bff [the chauffer of course] in the front.

After Blue Ridge we headed for home with a stop at the local Ingle’s [which is AMAZING—like a Whole Foods] to pick up a few things. Dinner was grilled chicken, baked potatoes with all the fixings, salad and rolls. Cake and cookies [Sari Beri’s famous chocolate chip cookies] for dessert!

Sometime after dinner we started the 4-hour, [almost] never-ending Phase10 game. OK, so maybe it wasn’t all of 4 hours, but it sure seemed like it. In the beginning I was in first place for some time, but in one turn I went from first to last and I think that’s about where I finished. So sad! Chris won of course—he’s a CPA and it’s a numbers game.

This morning we all packed a pew at Grace Baptist in Ellijay. Before long they are going to quit calling us “visitors”. Lunch was at Longhorn and dessert was a non-fat Venti White Mocha with whipped cream and an insane amount of caramel drizzle for me. For Sari Beri it was a Tall Mocha Frappaccino.

Chris and Rachel headed for home [they have reader’s theater practice tonight] and we headed back to the cabin to pack up and say good by to Rico, Tasha & Misha, Boris and the sweet little kitty w/ no name.


Oh, we had to drop off my parents too. And pack up our stuff…

Now we’re headed home, after a stop by the library to pick up a book for Sari Beri’s upcoming research paper. We should arrive just in time to see BIGGER Tom off as he heads back to college and get ready for the workweek. And then… we’ll do it all over again 🙂 YES!

Please be in prayer for my father and mother. One of the dogs jumped up on my dad knocking his hearing aid out and then the dog tried to eat it [this happened on Friday] so the hearing aid, although it was retrieved, is pretty much toast. It’s not under warrantee and was pretty expensive to begin with. He’s going to go Tuesday and try to get it fixed at a place in Jasper that I found on the Internet. And for my mom, she goes Tuesday at 3:30 to Northside Hospital for a MRI to determine if the cancer that they’ve found is anywhere else in her body. This involves an IV and she is VERY nervous about the procedure. Please pray for her especially!


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