Ellijay weekend #2 held some surprises for us—some good and some not so good, but it all worked out to be a GREAT weekend!

We left Atlanta early Friday morning. Not as early as I had hoped, but early enough. I had hoped to drop Sari off at school and go, but we didn’t quite get the ball rolling Friday morning to do that, so we left about an hour later.

The weather this weekend was absolutely PERFECT—in sharp contrast to last weekend and what it looks like next weekend is going to be.

The drive up was nice with just one Starbucks stop 🙂

We arrived at the cabin to be greeted by [the dogs of course] my parents and an uncle and aunt. After unloading the Suburban we all piled in my dad and mom’s minivan and went for a long ride almost into Tennessee looking for some big junk shop that my parents remembered visiting years ago. Unfortunately, we never found it :/ However, it was an interesting and gorgeous ride, especially the part leading back over to Ellijay on our way to Blue Ridge. We came back over the mountains by Fort Mountain State Park. WoW! What a BEAUTIFUL drive. Reminded me of when I was a little girl and we would, it seemed, quite often in the fall, travel up to the Blue Ridge Parkway into Tennessee. God’s creation is so amazingly beautiful and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to get out and enjoy it especially on such a marvelous weekend with family.

Back in Blue Ridge we went to Mercier Apple Orchard for fried pies and the like. We learned that they make the fried pies for the Chick-fil-A Dwarf Houses in Atlanta.  I didn’t know that. Even my dad didn’t know that.

Then it was back to the cabin.

My bff wanted to checkout a couple of local pawnshops so he and I jumped in the Suburban and took off. The first was closed; the second’s prices were too high. That’s when the “not so great” surprise happened. When he got back in the Suburban it wouldn’t start 😮 We were STUCK!  STRANDED! The old Suburban with 300K+ miles had let us down :-/

I had stayed in the car while my bff was in the pawnshop, so the windows were down and now there was no way to get them back up. We couldn’t leave it there with the windows down.

The battery was dead, however, my bff didn’t know that at the time. I think he though it might be the battery but it seemed to test all right. Maybe it was the starter? So, with some borrowed tools from the pawnshop owner he took the starter off. My dad and uncle came and we went to the parts place for a new starter. However, the old starter tested good at the parts store. So, he bought a new one but put the old one back on. Sure enough, it was good. Then he went and bought a new battery and put that in. The Suburban started. PRAISE THE LORD! Then we had to take the new starter back. It was an hour or two of frustration, but really the Lord worked everything out very well—it could have been SO much more frustrating!, and I’m so glad that it happened Friday and not Saturday!

Saturday we went to the farm in Ellijay. We like to call it “the farm.” It’s a 20-acre farm that belongs to some friends that my parents have made through the friends they are house/pet sitting for.



We got to see dogs, ducks, a miniature donkey, a cow named Peaches, a couple of bulls, goats, even some miniature goats, and several varieties of chickens and roosters. Rachel even got to get an egg right out from under a chicken that had just laid it—it was still warm 🙂 The whole experience was a lot of fun! I hope we get to go back there next weekend. We took lots of pictures and I’m sure the people thought, “these crazy city folks!”

After that we made a Starbucks run and then headed to Blue Ridge for some shopping—just can get enough of shopping in Blue Ridge I guess. img_0919

We ate lunch at Repaz on Main and that was a REAL treat! YUM-O!



After lunch, and a little more shopping, we went back to Mercier for more fried pies [for some of us any how] and then back to the cabin.

We went for a long hike in the late afternoon and then after dinner Rachel and I took the dogs for a run—that was exciting! I’d really like to have a dog to run with.

This morning we went back to Grace Baptist in Ellijay. I think they are going to expect us to start tithing soon. The preacher there is very good! I can see that ministry growing quite a bit in the coming years. They already have a school [K-12]. Their JV Boys won the GCAA Class A Basketball Championship at our gymnasium in February.

Now were headed back home for the workweek and then it’s the last of our Ellijay weekends—Ellijay weekend #3 🙂 CAN’T WAIT!

BTW, my mother goes to see the surgeon tomorrow morning. They have decisions to make about treatment. Please pray for her. She’s pretty stressed out! There are some new treatment options that sound promising without a lot of side effects. We are thankful for this. It just makes you more and more thankful for all the people that have worked to develop new treatment options. Maybe someday they’ll discover a cure.


1 Response to “3.22.09”

  1. 1 Laura March 23, 2009 at 12:56 am

    What a great weekend!! 🙂 I’ll be praying for tomorrow’s Dr. visit to go well.

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