My mom went to see the surgeon yesterday and surgery will be a week from Friday [April 3] at Southern Regional, however we don’t know a time yet.

Just another PRAISE THE LORD yesterday! She found out that her cancer is a fast growing type. She hasn’t had a mammogram in about 4 years. Praise the Lord that she found this while still in stage 1!

The surgery will be the less evasive kind, probably will be out the same day. If no cancer is found in the surrounding tissue she will be able to have a new type of radiation that is given from within called MammoSite. Basically they insert a “balloon” type device into the area of the surgery and the radiation is given through that, twice a day, for fifteen minutes each time, for 5 days.

They come home from Ellijay the day before surgery, so they really don’t need anything right now except a lot of prayer!

My dad’s had a kind of rough time of it too. I think I wrote in a previous post that one of the dogs dsc_0013jumped up and knocked one of his hearing aids out and then before daddy could pick it up the dog tried to eat it and it’s broken and unusable.

Well, then just this morning he broke the cap on one of his front teeth eating cereal— there’s nothing there but a stub my mom says :-/ right there in the front! Momma said he REALLY looks like a hillbilly now! I said, well, at least he can’t hear people talking about him. LOL!

I’m looking forward to Ellijay weekend #3 this weekend and spending time with them and other family memebers and friends. Maybe BIGGER Tom will come 🙂

OK, so I had a really weird thing happen to me this morning– this is for all you iPhone users out there.

You know that ever so often something weird happens with the iPhone and you just have to reboot and things are all grand again… Well, this morning I was at the grocery store and went to look at my list, which I keep in the Notes, and the thing wouldn’t do ANYTHING! Wouldn’t cut on when I press the button at the bottom, wouldn’t cut off when I press the button at the top– NOTHING! I didn’t panic.

When I got back int he car I plugged in the charger and all was well. When I got home I tried to use the phone and again, it wouldn’t do anything– just a blank, black screen. So, I plugged it into the charger on my laptop and WHALA! It worked.

Now you’re probably thinking the battery was dead– not so.

So, then I did what I do whenever something weird happens with my iPimg_0001hone and what I do sometimes when some program continues to run in the background running the battery down– I rebooted.

I hardly ever cut my iPhone off, just when I have an issue like this. However, I’ve never had “this” issue before.

Now it gets “odder” if I can say it that way. When it rebooted, still plugged into the charger on my laptop, iPhoto opens [which happens when I have photos on the Camera Roll and I plug in to sync or whatever] and there is this one photo on the Camera Roll.

Now, I don’t know how this happened but this is what time it was when the issue first happened at the grocery store. How would the iPhone have placed this photo of itself in the Camera Roll? I’m beginning to think maybe it’s possessed. Maybe it knows I’ve been thinking about the 3rd generation iPhone and how I’m going to trade it in for a new one as soon as the new one is released?!? WEIRD!


2 Responses to “3.24.09”

  1. 1 carlock April 23, 2009 at 4:37 pm

    Hi.. the picture of your iPhone appear when you press your Power button together with your Home button. It’s like a print screen feature for iPhone which was what you did I assume back then when your phone freezes. Cheers!

  2. 2 starbucksgirl April 23, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Cool! I didn’t know that 🙂

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