So, this is where Coco, my parents’ miserably unhappy cat, bit me yesterday :/photo

I’ve been feeding him while they are out of town and well, I guess he’s just a little bit upset because they have been gone so long. So yesterday I go over there to feed him and instead of feeding him first like I usually do, I stopped and cleaned his litter box first. Well, I don’t think he liked that. So while I was cleaning his litter box, minding my own business– cleaning up HIS business… he sneaks up behind me and ambushes me! He grabbed my leg with his claws and bit me!!! OUCH!

BAKE SALE anyone? Sari Beri’s class had a pre-order type bake sale fundraiser last fall and it went over pretty well so they decided to do it again– and I think it went over pretty well this time too. Chocolate chip cookies were our responsibility.We ended up having to make 23 dozen! photo1THIS is what 23 dozen chocolate chip cookies looks like.

Yesterday’s trip to Ellijay was uneventful, thankfully. Traffic was pretty bad around 285 and I-75 but besides that and the rain– thankfully uneventful.

We arrived last night to the greetings of my parents, uncle and aunt and Misha and Tasha. Dinner was Phil’s famous, yummy shrimp and pasta salad and French bread. Rico likes pasta 🙂 THEN, it was Rachel’s DELICIOUS homemade Turtle Cheesecake. YUM-O!photo-09-05-49

Today we had planned to go to the farm but with the rain and all we’ll pass. We are going to make a run back to Mercier Apple Orchard. Rachel wanted a apple fried pie last weekend and we got there too late :/ They only make 300 a day and they were all sold out. So, we’re going there first. I’ve yet to have one of their apricot pies and am holding out for that.

After that we’ll head into Blue Ridge for some shopping and there’s a new German bakery there that my parents discovered yesterday that they want to take us to. YUM-O again! I hear they have good coffee too– I’ll be the judge of that!

Should be a good day despite the weather 🙂


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