Last I left you, I think the power was out or something like that– some of the power anyhow. Well, the power company responded pretty quick, within an hour or so. They set up a temporary transformer and we had power for the night– the stuff in the freezer did not defrost and the fridge was good too.

This is the weird part… The power company did all this just before midnight, knowing that the next day a crew would have to come out and quite possibly, and probably dig up the yard to find and fix the problem. Well, on that note, the phone company was knocking on the front door, in the rain, in the pitch dark, at 5 something the next morning. That’s right 5 a.m. something! This IS the phone company, they DO have our phone number, right?!? And what really scares me is that I OPENED THE DOOR!!! Crazy! I was like 1/2 asleep and looked like who knows what I’m sure and it could of been anyone and I OPENED THE FRONT DOOR! I really need my head examined!

Fortunately, it WAS the phone company just like the man said and he just wanted to let me know that he would be marking the phone line so that the power company didn’t dig it up. I’m still not sure how he did that in the pitch dark and rain, but he did.

The power company was out in the early a.m.– after the sun came up. 3 trucks, 1 backhoe [which they did not have to use] a boom and 5 men it took to fix the problem. It took about 2 hours, but now it’s fixed.

My mom had surgery on Friday morning. The doctor had to do a little more than he had planned. I think he really would have liked for her to stay in the hospital over night but she was pretty adamant that she was GOING HOME! And she did. As soon as she got to recovery she was saying, “Where’s my clothes?” he he he he…

The whole thing was much more involved than I realized it would be, but she is doing GREAT! And I can only attribute that to the goodness of the Lord and the prayers of many saints. We appreciate you so much if you are one who has been praying.

She will go back to see the surgeon on Wednesday, and the radiologist as well. Then we will find out when her radiation treatments will begin.

Please continue to pray…


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