So Friday Sari Beri and I go to Whole Foods and I get these 2 special cheeses for Friday night grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup– got some special white country bread as well. I knew I wanted one of the cheeses to be a domestic white cheddar, so I got that, but I was unsure about what the other should be. So I go to the “Cheese-monger”. [I figure if a fish person is called a fishmonger, then maybe a cheese person should be called a cheese-monger– guess that makes me a coffee-monger…] So I ask the person working with the cheeses and she immediately takes me to a white cheese called Raw Milk Raclette and tells me that it’s won some award for melting the best and goes really well with Cheddars. I’m sold! I didn’t even ask for a sample, just trusted her judgment and bought it.

I get home and take the cheese out of its wrapping and WHEW WEE the worse smell I’ve ever smelled in a kitchen! This stuff is potent, rank, disgusting! The cat is going wild trying to figure out where the smell is coming from and what it is. Fortunately, the smell in no way represents the taste which is a really odd thing in food– something I don’t believe I’ve ever experienced. It was GREAT on the grill cheese sandwiches!

Later on that night I Googled “Raclette” to find out more about it and I found this that someone wrote on their blog:


Raw Milk Raclette

Origin: France and Switzerland
Type: Washed Rind– Washed during againg in salt and water [a brine]… Pungent, sticky, fruity, meaty, intense, and aromatic with a vibrant pink to orange edible rind. [from The Murray’s Cheese Handbook ]
On the package: “Aged for 60 days, raclette has a full, fruity flavor and a golden, buttery body. The name raclette in swiss dialect means ‘to scrape’ and applies to part of the method for preparing the famous swiss dish raclette.”

So often it happens. I buy a golden creamy looking cheese from the grocery store, only to be knocked over by the smell when the wrapping is removed. I usually try a sliver, but I know what’s coming: Yuck-villethe gag-inducing flavor of smelly feet and body odor [that’s EXACTLY how I would have described the smell!!!]. I throw it out [or feed it to Geoff] and wonder where I went wrong. A few months later, I’ll buy a similar cheese without even realizing. Guess I’m a sucker for the golden color.

Then I bought this Raw Milk Raclette from Fairway. I opened it up, smelled the tell-tale hint of feet and prepared for the worst. But, with the first cautious bite, I was surprised by the deep complex flavor, not at all foot-like. The cream made it luxuriously heavy, so bits caught in my teeth and the flavor coated my mouth. Every once in a while, a bite of rind would make my nose wrinkle [but in a good way!]. This intense cheese pushed my stink tolerance to the limit and I loved it.

source: Dinner with Kirsten

Interesting 🙂 You’ll have to try some Raw Milk Raclette if you get a chance.

img_0992Last night was the first of the celebrations for my bff’s 50th birthday! YIKES! I’m married to an old man!

Anyway, just he and I went to Ruth Chris Steakhouse in Sandy Springs. He loves a good steak and we’d never been to Ruth Chris before. I’d read rave reviews about their steaks and all were true. The place and the food is AMAZING! I hope we will go back for my birthday in a couple of weeks! The only thing I was not overly impressed with was the bread. It was good but nothing to blog about and I’m a real “bread” kind of person. It seems I judge most establishments by their bread and ceiling tiles– but that’s a whole other post…

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The service was impeccable, the food amazing and we WILL go back– I’m certain! Or at least I certainly hope so!

It wasn’t nearly as expensive as I had thought it would be. They actually have an all-inclusive special where you get your choice of about 3 different salads and a 1/2 dozen entrees and a 1/2 dozen sides, AND it comes with dessert– all for about $35. Not bad!

Of course, I only took pictures of the desserts 🙂


The first belonged to my bff and was a ramekin filled with a rich, thick, creamy custard, topped with fresh blueberries and raspberries + a custom made chocolate shell filled with [again] rich, creamy, smooth chocolate moose and topped with fresh whipping cream, berries and a sprig of mint.

My dessert is what they call “Chocolate Sin Cake”. I couldn’t even bring myself to say the name of it to the waitress 😮 but she knew what I wanted. I also wanted coffee– of course, and they bring you this cute litimg_0994tle “personal” French press of delicious, rich coffee. You know me– I’m trying to figure out what region of the world the coffee is from. I’m guessing Latin America because it’s so smooth, but also it has a hint of berry so maybe it’s Asian Pacific? I go as far as to ask the waitress about it and ever serving as they are she brings out an empty 5-pound bullet. It turns out the coffee is made by Royal Cup and is a multi-region blend. HA! I knew it– both Latin American and Asian Pacific.

The night was delightful and if you’ve never been to Ruth Chris you should go, even if you have to wait for a special occasion like we did.

Tomorrow night we party as a family… the destination– a secret 😮 shhhhhhh…


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