Celebrating my bffs 50th at The Melting Pot last night was a BLAST! It took about 3+ hours of stuffing our faces before we’d had our fill and Phil def had his fill LOL! We all did. It was a fun time– party hats and all! ~ thanks Rachel 🙂


Everyone was there except for BIGGER Tom 😦 we missed you BIGGER Tom!


Tonight we party on with a cake and ice cream at home 🙂

img_0998Today at Starbucks we started setting up the pastry case for the p.m. differently. Everything is on round plates– little round plates and big round plates. I got the privilege of setting it up this afternoon. It’s the “Panera Bread” look 🙂


I got a unique opportunity at work today. The part of the Coffee Master program I am currently working on requires me to have an indepth knowledge of home brewing equipment. My favorite and the most recommended by Starbucks is the French press. I also had to know about other brewing methods including drip and espresso machines. You have to understand that in our little store we don’t sell the big espresso machines, we don’t even sell drip machines. However, we do have a variety of French presses. Today I had the privilege of helping a couple pick out and purchase a French press AND I even sold them a timer to go along with it 🙂 And you have to understand how special this was. I wasn’t even scheduled to be at work today– I was called in because someone else was sick. So, I really believed the Lord worked in this having me there and having the couple come in while I was there and the fact that that’s what I’m currently working on… WoW! Just too many coincidences not to be the Lord!

We found out today that my mother will begin her chemo treatments on Friday morning. Tomorrow morning I will go with her to see the chemotherapist just to talk through things and so that we can know what to expect. I’m glad we have that opportunity. I plan to go with her on Friday as well, if I can get off at work :-/ pray that I do. She still thinks she’s going to go to the Mother & Daughter Brunch at our church on Sunday and come to our home for lunch– I don’t think she realizes how this chemo is going to affect her. Please keep her in your prayers.


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