Praise the Lord for an infection! My mom has an infection at the site of her surgery. It’s not serious, but they have her on antibiotics. She was scheduled to begin chemo on Friday but now that’s been postponed until next week due to the infection.

I believe the Lord has his hand in all of this because now not only will she be able to enjoy Mother’s Day with all of us, but by beginning her chemo treatments next week instead of this it will put her in the best position to be able to go to BIMI and cook for the missionaries this summer like she has for the past two summers– and she is really looking forward to that! The Lord is good!

After meeting with the chemo therapist this morning this is what we’ve learned:

Her treatments will probably begin next Thursday or Friday and once they do it’s a strict schedule of a chemo treatment every 3 weeks for the next 24 weeks. The first 12 weeks will be the most difficult– two drugs will be administered during that round of treatments. The following 12 weeks should be less difficult– two other drugs will be administered during that round of treatments. Following these 24 weeks of treatments she will undergo 1 year of hormone therapy treatments. Those too will be 1 every 3 weeks but will not have the side effects the chemo will.

She will loose most of her hair by the second treatment, that’s about 1 month from now, and this means eyebrows, eyelashes, etc., etc., etc. I don’t think she realized how inclusive that would be until we went to the funeral home about two weeks ago to visit the family of a young lady who passed away after a 2-year struggle with breast cancer– she looked beautiful in the casket, but had no eyebrows or eyelashes. Momma’s got her wig though, and it looks amazingly like her real hair! And, thanks to a dear friend, she’s got an array of beautiful turbans in several different colors. She’s even bought a hat 🙂 I’m reminded at how the Bible says that the woman’s hair is her glory. Nice to know it will grow back.

She will feel very, very tired after the treatments– maybe not the day of but most certainly the day after and for a week or so after that. The doctor said she would probably feel pretty good the third week, just before the next treatment. The chemo will also affect her taste buds. The doctor told us that everything will taste like metal but that this is not the time to try to loose weight– sounds like the opportune time to me! The most important thing seems to be the fact that her blood counts will be low due to the chemo and it’s very, very important for her to stay clear of sick people. Fortunately, she’s rarely in contact with little kids who the doctor referred to as “germ bags” he he he.

The doctor laid out all the options for us, told us the odds if she took no action [no chemo] and the odds if she did. Momma wants to do all she can to fight this. She said as we left the doctor’s office, “I want to live to see my grandchildren get married and I want to see my great-grandchildren.” I pray the Lord allows her that time.


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