Another Wednesday, another rainbow…


Wednesday of last week when we came out of church there was this beautiful rainbow. Well, last night again we exit the church doors and there was the beginnings of another beautiful rainbow. It’s a little more difficult to pick out in this photo but it’s there just about center of the picture between the trees. Not a double like last Wednesday, but a rainbow just the same πŸ™‚

Do you remember the neat little ringed flip chart I made to help me recall all of the coffees Starbucks sells and all their different characteristics? I showed it to the DM and he was so impressed he wanted one to show the RM and wondered why Starbucks hadn’t come out with one like it?


here’s mine

Well, guess what we got in the store this week? A very similar version produced by none other than: Starbucks! Would you believe that?!?


here’s theirs

Albeit theirs is a little nicer, more colorful, a bit more “finished”– they do have more resources than I, even though the company is struggling. I just couldn’t believe it! I didn’t even get any credit :-/ seriously…

Last Friday the Regional Manager came in along with the District Manager. It was good to finally meet him. He seemed very nice– even helped us out as we were in the midst of the morning rush :-/ He first came through the drive thru where I was working DTO and I answered in my usual peppy morning way: “GOOD MORNING! Welcome to Starbucks. My name is Patsy. Can I interest you in one of our oven-toasted sandwiches or new breakfast pairings?” to which he responded something like: “Good morning Patsy. I think I will have one of the pairings…” and he went on to give me his order. Then, after taking his order I added [as I usually do]: “And are you going to need a bottle of water for the afternoon?” I sell a lot of bottled water like that and I think it caught him a little off guard– he wasn’t expecting that one, probably never heard it quite that way before. To that, best I can remember, he responded something like: “I think I will take a bottle of water for the afternoon. Thank you very much…” Then I gave him his total and told him that Kerri would take care of him at the window, and thanked him πŸ™‚ GOOD JOB! Good first impression. When he arrived at the window the store manager, who was at the bar, recognized him and told us who he was. Not too many minutes after that the DM came through the drive thru and we went through a very similar scenario. After coming through the drive thru they came in the store and talked to us a while, watched us, helped us– the RM even gave his partner markout for the week to a customer who came in to purchase a pound of coffee. He was very nice and I wish I had had more time to pick his brain! I wish I had been able to ask him about touring the coffee roasting facility in SC. I’m having a difficult time getting anyone to return my calls from there and have yet to speak to a real, live person :-/ I don’t even know for sure that they give tours.

I’m on part 4 of my Coffee Master and this part is all about connecting with customers. I like that– A LOT of coffee tasting and food pairings. I’ve done 2 already, will do another tomorrow, and still have 5 more to do for this segment. WoWZers! Today I got to share a French Press of Caffe Verona with a food pairing of our new double chocolate brownie with customers and partners– FUN FUN stuff! Verona goes famously with chocolate and we sell a lot of it around Valentines πŸ™‚ YUM-O!

My mother’s chemo will start on Monday. My dad and I agreed that he will take her to her doctor appointments and I will sit with her during her chemo treatments. I think that arrangement will work out well. I can take computer work with me. The treatments last for several hours and I just can’t see him sitting still that long! So Monday it is for the first treatment. Then 1 every 3 weeks for 12 weeks. That’s the first round and they say it will be the toughest. Good to get the tough stuff over first.


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