Today I did the most amazing coffee tasting. I’ve been wanting to do this one for a long time. It’s called “Around the World” and basically it highlights a coffee from each coffee growing region– Latin America, Africa/Arabia and the Asian Pacific.

Two main contributors to coffee flavor differences are the origin of the coffee and how the coffee bean is removed from the cherry.

In general, Latin American coffees have a lighter body and prominent acidity.

Pacific coffees have lots of body and little acidity.

African and Arabian coffees are unique and exotic. They can display pointed acidity, great body, and/or exotic flavors.

Coffee processing also affects flavor.

Washed coffees display acidity, a lighter body and are noted for their consistency and clean finish.

Natural processed coffees display fuller body, lower acidity, and have more exotic spicy flavors.

The three coffees I chose to include in the coffee tasting were:

312899Colombia, a Latin American coffee with a nutty flavor, smooth body– a longtime customer favorite.

AMS - CoffeeArabian Mocha Sanani, a seasonal coffee from the Africa/Arabia region. It’s exotic with berry notes and warm earthen spices and cocoa under tones. I think this is by far my favorite coffee to date 🙂

Sumatra_BlendAnd, Sumatra an Asian/Pacific coffee. It’s earthy, full-bodied with little or no acidity. The intensity of this coffee lingers in your mouth. The concentrated spicy herbal notes and earthy aroma are the telltale signatures of this well-loved coffee.

I was able to share the tasting with customers in the cafe and on the patio– it was a beautiful afternoon, and with partners as well. The partners were particularly excited about the Arabian Mocha Sanani since it is seasonal and we cannot have it for our weekly markout because of the cost. Most coffees at Starbucks run about $10-$12 a pound. Sanani is close to $16. I like it so much that I purchased a pound a couple of weeks ago and will probably purchase another next week or maybe tomorrow 🙂

I have 5 other tastings to do before I complete this 4th segment of my Coffee Master.

  1. “Coffee Roasting at Starbucks” which highlights 3 different types of roasts.
  2. “The Language of Coffee” which highlights the Aroma, Acidity, Body and Flavor of 4 different coffees.
  3. A Breakfast tasting and pairing– I’ve chosen Breakfast Blend and the Blueberry Coffee Cake.
  4. A Lunch tasting and pairing– I’ve chosen Espresso Roast and the Pumpkin Loaf.
  5. A Dinner tasting and pairing– I’ve chosen Verona and the new Double Chocolate Brownie.

The latter 3 I have to do all in the same day– tough day! 🙂


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